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About The Indus Valley

Usually the US people set their start ups in a garage, our founders established it in their veranda with a few boxes of materials. The reason behind the start up was due to a mishap in our founder’s kitchen. When microwaving some leftover potato in a plastic container, the plastic melted down ruining the food.That’s when they thought of switching to healthy utensils. Though staying in a city like Mumbai, they couldn’t find a reliable source to buy natural cookware products. And during this period, they also realized that many people were looking for similar products from a well established brand.

This was the start for The Indus Valley. We sell Natural cookware products. The core idea was to make everyone realise that a good kind of cookware is as important as the ingredients to make a healthy and tasty dish. All our products have the customer’s wellness as the core. What makes the products different are the types of material we use which involves wood, clay, cast iron, soapstone and so on. Our main motto is to make our utensils work hard as we do for healthy and tasty food and to be a brand that people can rely on.

Our Founders

”The Dynamic husband and wife duo”


An engineer and MBA by education, Madumitha worked as a management consultant with Deloitte before quitting her job for more than 2 years Madhumitha expertises in Operations and product development.


Being an MBA graduate of IIM Raipur, Jagadeesh worked as a Market zone manager at Linde India for 2 years and Regional Sales Manager at for a year. Jagadeesh expertises in sales, marketing and business strategies.

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