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Cooking Eggs in a Cast Iron Pan: A healthy shift! - The Indus Valley

Cooking Eggs in a Cast Iron Pan: A healthy shift!

It’s time for you to break up with your non-stick cookware and welcome the long lost forgotten, traditional cast iron cookware! But cooking in a cast-iron skillet is daunting and confusing. So worry not as we give you four crucial tips for successfully cooking eggs to ensure the eggs slide right out to your plate with no bumps once done!

Cast Iron Skillet

  • Step 1 - There are only two things you need to fry the perfect egg – fresh eggs and a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet. One without the other will cause an eggy mess that will be stuck to your pan. To solve your worry, The Indus Valley offers Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets of grade A quality. Pre-seasoned cast iron pans act as non-stick cookware. 
  • Step 2: Gently Pre Heat the pan with oil. This is your “May God save the egg-mess” step. Remember, that cast iron pans require a little while to warm up. But DO NOT put the cast iron pan on high heat to process fast. Put the skillet on a medium flame. How to know if the pan is hot enough for my cooking? Put your hands above the skillet. Now, count to 5. If you can count to 5 without feeling the extreme heat, then it’s good to cook. If smoke and heat are coming off the pan, while counting to 5, then it’s too hot to cook. If the pan is too hot, then food will stick onto the pan as the pores of the cast iron will open more. An egg is a delicate dish, so we have to be careful not to create a mess.
  • Step 3: Put the oil, and then give it a few minutes. Make sure to put enough oil in the pan but not too much! You can even use butter, coconut, and peppermint oil. Don’t use an oil like Virgin Olive Oil because such kinds of oils can’t resist the high heat. 
  • Step 4: Put the eggs and lower the flame gradually. Remember cast iron pans continue to warm; therefore the next time you put in your eggs, make sure you lower the heat. All heat from the preheating session has heated the oil and pan enough to carry on and maintain them warm for a few minutes that it requires to cook the eggs.

Best Recommendations for Cooking Eggs in Cast-iron

Ensure that your cast iron is well seasoned. The majority of the cookware comes per-seasoned. Even Though it is per-seasoned, you need to do seasoning after a while to create and maintain the non-stick surface naturally.

The Indus Valley offers cast-iron cookware which is typically per-seasoned. If you would be re-seasoning a pan, then make use of a healthful fat such as flax-seed oil or coconut oil.

Be patient. It may require several tries to cook in such utensils, but once you get hooked into it, you will be a professional in cooking Sunny Side Up in a cast-iron skillet! 

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