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3 in 1 Super Saver Combo

Three In One Saver Combo

Hey! Are you confused about choosing the right cookware for your kitchen?

Yeah, it’s hard! When the quality issue is solved, there comes the cost issue. When both issues are solved, there comes the most important issue- the health issue. Well, now there is a solution to all these problems of yours.

Try the 3 in 1 super saver combo from The Indus Valley.

They can be your perfect cooking partners in your super-cool kitchen within your budget for healthy cooking.

Cast Iron Skillet:

The real lifesaver hero- cast iron skillet with the mesmerizing design is irresistible. This cookware is a very healthy alternative to the dangerous non-stick pans that are available in the market nowadays. Non-stick pans can wear off when exposed to high heat and this makes it less durable. On the other hand cast iron skillets can withstand high heat. Since it heats up slowly, burning of food can be avoided. And yeah! You get perfectly cooked food not only on the outside but from the inside too……

Sounds delicious! isn’t it?

It is pre-seasoned and needs less oil to cook and hence a healthy choice. Since it’s made out of cast iron, it retains the flavour of the ingredients in your food. Fry, sauté, heat or sear with the cast iron skillet.

Cast iron skillet is durable and can last for years in good quality. And of course, it is a good one-time investment!

Healthy cooking!  Healthy life!

Cast Iron Skillet Suitable For All Deep Frying Dishes

Cast Iron Kadai:

This sensational product will change your perspective on cooking as it takes you through the traditional taste tour.  Whatever may be your choice of cooking- a south Indian curry or a north Indian Kadai masala, this pre-seasoned cast iron Kadai of The Indus valley will take you to the most flavorful authentic style of Indian cooking. The strong body and the outstanding design of this Kadai make it worthy in the long run.

So this is a good choice than any other non-stick or stainless steel Kadai available in the market.

Cast Iron Tawa:

Craving for pancakes and dosas?

This is your perfect cookware to make them crispy and even tastier. Who doesn’t love crispy dosa with tasty chutnies. Its finger licking good…..!

The cast iron tawa can do magic on your dosas and pancakes if you give it a try!

Tawa is the most unavoidable cookware in Indian kitchens.  And when it’s made of cast iron, it is super cool….!

The even flat surface helps in proper cooking of your favourite dosa or pancake. And since its made of cast iron, staying healthy is doubtless. The only thing to make sure is that it gets proper seasoning and good handling, which is very important for its long life.

Cooking in cast iron is a healthy solution to anaemic people as it increases the iron content of the body. This is hence a healthy choice. And as we all know only a healthy life can lead to a happy life. I’m sure it sounds great than the other non-stick tawas in terms of taste and quality.

Cast iron cookware from The Indus Valley is pre-seasoned.

Stay healthy with chemical-free and pre-seasoned cookware from The Indus Valley.

Why wait…… Grab your combo!

Cast Iron Dosa Tawa With Handle (Pre Seasoned | 10 inch | 2.3 KG)

2,000.00 999.00
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Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 1.5 Litres

2,000.00 999.00
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Super Smooth Cast Iron Skillet + Kadai (10 inch) + Tawa ( 11 inch)

7,500.00 3,000.00
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Cast Iron Kadai Large (2.5 Litre | 25 cm Dia)

1,500.00 999.00
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Iron Tawa (Pre Seasoned | 11 inch| 1.5 KG) + Free Compact flip

999.00 599.00
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Neem Wood Cooking Ladle – Serve (Round | 23CM | Handmade | 100% Natural Neem Wood)

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Cast Iron Cookware set – Kadai [2.5L] + Skillet [1.5L] + Cast Iron Dosa Tawa [10Inch]

5,500.00 2,799.00
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Cast Iron Kadai Small (1.2 Litre | 20 cm Dia)

1,000.00 699.00
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Super Smooth Cast Iron kadai | 10 inch | 2.5 Ltr

2,500.00 1,199.00
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