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Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai | Wok Model | Naturally non-stick | Pre-seasoned

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Original price Rs. 1,500.00
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Original price Rs. 1,500.00
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Current price Rs. 999.00
  Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai 10 inch Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai 7 inch
Diameter 26 cm / 10 inch 18.5 cm / 7 inch
Weight 2.4 kg 1.1 kg
Capacity 2.5L 1L

The Indus Valley’s Cast Iron Kadai will give you a highly satisfying cooking experience, in a healthy manner. Trust this Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai | Wok Model to be completely chemical-free and food-safe.

The Cast Iron Kadai will naturally enrich your food with iron content that is essential to build your immunity Plus, it will enhance the flavor of any dish by giving them a nice, rustic taste. Now you don’t have to worry much about your daily iron-take, because the Super smooth cast iron Kadai will support you in this!

Made from 100% natural material, the cast iron kadai is a better and safer alternative to any nonstick cookware. No artificial coating or toxic chemicals like PFOA and PTFE. The Kadai is pre-seasoned with clean, edible oil so that you can start cooking without any hassles from day one. Moreover, with consistent usage, the Kadai will achieve a non-stick finish and give you great cooking results.

Wondering what can be cooked in this cast iron kadai? Well, this kadai is ideal for making dishes such as traditional gravies, curries including dal, sabzi, and even, deep frying to make crispy snacks like samosas, papads, murukkus, sevaiyyas, french fries, and more. Basically, the cast iron kadai is perfect for slow cooking and heavy-duty food preparation. Our assurance that this cast iron kadai will be the best that you ever had. So, make the wise choice, ditch non-stick kadai and choose this amazing, health-focused cast iron kadai!

Don’t forget to check out The Indus Valley’s cast iron cookware sets as well!

  • 😋 Enhances taste
  • 🌿 Naturally Non-stick
  • 💪 Adds Iron (Fe+) to Food
  • ✅ Certified Heavy Metal Free
Size: Small

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Cast iron cookware
a healthier way to cook

The Indus Valley is your trusted sidekick helping you create tasty and healthy meals for your family. Choose healthy cast iron cookware and bid good bye to nasty non-stick. We have carefully crafted cookware with the best of science & tradition. Only the best for you and your loved ones!

3 Reasons to Try The Indus Valley



You can pass on your recipes & your cast iron cookware to the next generations.

All Rounder


Cast iron products are the most versatile cookware and other pans or pots are not even close to its league. Cast iron products can be used on a stove, oven, induction (only if flat base), grills, and on campfires.

Best of

Tradition & Science

We take the best of tradition and modern technology to improve your cooking experience. Every superhero needs a faithful sidekick, you've got us!

Grab Our


Cast Iron Cookware Set

Kadai 2.5L + Skillet 1.5L + Tawa 10 Inch

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Cast Iron Cookware Set

Kadai 2.5L + Skillet 1.5L + Tawa 11 Inch

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The truth about non-stick pans

Nasty Coating

Non-stick pans have Teflon coating which are actually toxic chemicals. Imagine having a silent killer within your cookware that slowly harms your body through food.

Releases Harmful Toxins

Did you know that it takes less than 3 mins. for a well-heated non-stick pan to release harmful toxins in your food, when cooking!!!

Lasting Negative Impact

Toxic chemicals from non-stick cookware stays in our body forever. Even the environment cannot destroy them. So, would you like to be ruled by these forever chemicals??

Discover Healthier Cookware

Cast Iron

  • Naturally Non-Stick

    All The Indus Valley products come pre-seasoned with safe edible cooking oil. The seasoning becomes better with use and age. Like a bottle of wine!

  • Non-Toxic

    Cast iron cookware does not leach harmful chemicals into your safe and clean ingredients like that nasty Teflon coated non-stick pans.

  • Adds iron to food

    Cast Iron cookware fortifies your food with iron. A small amount iron is naturally released into the food as you cook in it. Makes your meal healthier!

  • Enhances Taste

    Do you know what your dhadhi and Michelin star chef have in common? In addition to being the boss of tasty recipes, they all use iron cookware.The secret of taste is the perfect environment created by the cast iron cookware and dhadhi’s love of course.


How to use ?

The Right Selection

Cast Iron Non Stick
No Harmful Chemicals
100% Natural
Hand Crafted
Boosts Nutritional Value
Build Immunity
Retains Flavor Of Food
Heats Evenly Across The Surface
Retains Temprature Of Food

Cast Iron FAQ's

Not only is it safe, but a very healthy transition from non-stick cookware.
Seasoning makes the cooking surface naturally non-stick and gets even better with use.
Iron utensils enhance the taste of your food. It brings restaurant like flavors to safe home cooked food.
Yes, if exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. Preseason it to get back the sheen.
Non stick releases toxic fluorides in high temperatures which is very harmful.
If the surface is rusted, scrub the rust away, wash the surface, wipe it dry and season it. Your cookware is now good to use.
Regularly. It gets better with use.
All flat base iron cookware is induction safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
I love it

Super smooth and Shiny. Easy to clean. Dry vegetable is cooked in it almost everyday. Very little oil is needed. Just wash, dry, heat to dry completely and smear some sesame oil on it while still hot to re season and prevent rusting. Drying is the key. Make sure it is dry before you put it away. It will become a family heirloom!

Anirban Mahato

Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai | Wok Model

Chaitrali Nakhate

Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai | Wok Model | 10 inch

Bhabani Sonowal
Very good

Amazing purchase

Visa Vivek
Super smooth wok

Very very impressed with the texture and the way my paniyaram turned out for this festival . Thanks for being a saviour . The paniyaram got cooked effortlessly without any sticking to the sides or base.

Super Smooth Cast Iron Kadai | Wok Model | Naturally non-stick | Pre-seasoned

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