Friendship Day: Special Gift for a Special Friend

Friends are the most wonderful people a person can have in his life apart from the family. They come from nowhere and become someone very important to you. Secrets and emotions are shared more with friends than any others. This is because we see them equally and consider them with equal respect. There is no ego or bad feelings in real friendship. And that makes this relationship more valuable. Don’t you wanna cherish your friendship moments?

Happy Friendship Day guys..!


Dreams may change, but friends are forever…!

Let’s make this International Friendship day a celebration by thanking our beloved friends by gifting them a precious gift of some value. We, The Indus Valley join you to make this day special. Gift your friend from the following suggestions we provide you with. All of them are healthy, natural and meaningful gifts to your friends…!

Come, let’s choose that special gifts for them…!

Copper Water Bottles

Take a look at our copper bottles that comes in various designs and capacities. You would like to own one for yourself. Why not gift one to your friend…!?

We provide you copper bottles with variance in capacities of 1000ml and 700ml. They come in different patterns that make them look even more beautiful. They can be carried with you to work or anywhere you go. You can even buy our copper water glass along with the bottle. The infusion of copper into the water benefits your health. Hence copper bottle can be an awesome gift to a friend and can pass on an emotional message to them that you care more about their health and well being…!

Woooo..! That’s a perfect gift isn’t it?

Wait, there are more to come..!

Clay Water Bottle

Yes, you heard it right..! The clay water bottle is very good to be gifted to your special person. Just like copper, clay benefits your health to a great extent. In a country like India where the climate is diverse, we can’t have common weather all the time. Most of the places are hot. Hence cool water is always preferred. Clay helps in keeping the water cool in a healthy way. Of course, it’s hard to carry around. But it can be the best storage option for your dining or kitchen, or even bedrooms. Gift them the clay water bottle and let them keep hydrated in a healthy way.

Wooden platter

This wooden platter can be used to serve your favourite delicious foods. Its beautiful oval shape let’s you serve your food more beautifully and makes it irresistible. This makes the food more tempting and lip smacking. Gift this awesome wooden serving platter to your special friends and see a smile on their face. They are going to love it and cherish the moment for the rest of their lives.

Friendship day doesn’t go with a special gift…! So, give it a go…!

Cast Iron Kadai

Nowadays everyone loves to cook. If you have a friend who loves cooking, then cast iron kadai is the perfect gift you can give them. No other cookware can replace the authentic taste the cast iron cookware can give. Let it be your favourite kadai paneer or chicken, it can cook them all. Since its hard and strong, it can last for years. This can be a fabulous present to your wonderful friend who loves to cook.

You can even cook a delicious dish with your friend and share it on this special day as a celebration. What’s the best way to thank your friends than wishing them a healthy and a good life? Cast iron does not cause bad effects to your health like other chemical coated cookware. Hence its beneficial to health and can help in leading a good life.

Have a great friendship day with your good friends..! We, The Indus Valley wish you a pleasant day to cherish your sweet memories with your friends…!

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