Gurupurnima: Bow To The Master

Guru purnima is celebrated on a full moon day that comes during the mid of June and July. It is the day when one offers thanks to their gurus or teachers. This day is also known as vyasa purnima as it is considered as the birth anniversary of veda vyasa who is an important character in Mahabharata. Vyasa pooja is held at various temples, where floral offerings and symbolic gifts are given away in his honor.

Irrespective of their religions, Indian academics celebrate this day by thanking their teachers. Many schools, colleges and universities have events in which students thank their teachers and remember past scholars. It is celebrated as a festival in Nepal, India and Bhutan by the Hindus, Janis and Buddhists.

Buddhist celebrate gurupurnima in honor of Gautama  Buddha.

A mantra that is particularly used on this day is “guru Brahma guru Vishnu guru devo Maheshwara, guru sakshat Parabramha tasmai shree gurave namah “. which means “Guru is the creator. Guru is the protector. Guru solely is the destroyer of evil. Guru is the supreme god so I bow upon Him and pay my respects.”

The word Guru is derived from the Sanskrit words gu and ru. Gu means darkness and ru means removal of that darkness. Gurupurnima is a day to show gratitude towards the guru who eliminates all fear and ignorance within all. They guide one to the peaks of personal, professional and spiritual development. The importance of guru can be understood from the Sanskrit verse below.

“Guru Govind donu khade, kisko laagu paay,

Balihari Gurudevaki jinhe Govind diyo bataay”

This meaning of the verse is “I don’t know whom to worship first…! The Guru or God, as it is the Guru who lead me to God..!”

Yes..! Guru is the one who lays path to the God. He is the one who Guided them into the light of life. Every man will have a strong master to be remembered in every success stories of him.

So, now you all are aware that your master is a much important and valuable person in your life. Don’t you wanna show your gratitude and thanks to your masters for the knowledge and wisdom you have recieved from them?

It’s a good idea to thank them with a valuable gift that can bring meaning to your relationship with them…! But, what will you gift? There has to be a value and quality when it comes to the gift that needs to be presented to a very important person in your life.

Health is the most important wealth to all of us. But what gift can you present them to improve their health? Its confusing for sure..!

No worries..!

Because, we are here to help you with a best idea to show your love and concern towards your Guru.

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We all love and respect our teachers..!

Let us celebrate this day by thanking our gurus and teachers. Gift them good health…!

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