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Kalchatti Seasoning Process Know How to Cure your Kalchatti

Kalchatti Seasoning

After purchasing an authentic Kalchatti (Soapstone chatti), Kalchatti seasoning or curing process should be done. Unlike normal cookware kalchatti needs special care before using on gas stove. Each vessels need to be seasoned for 7 days.

Following are the simple steps that need to be followed for Kalchatti Seasoning Process:


The kalchatti you purchased from The Indus Valley will be white in colour. As shown in picture below:

The Kal chatti needs to turn pitch black in colour before it can be used for cooking. Image for the same is at bottom.

Day 1-Day 4

Step 1:

Mix castor oil and turmeric and make it as a paste. Apply this paste on both inside and outside of the kalchatti. This needs to be done two times a day for 4 continuous days. Image as shown below:

Day 5 – Day 8

Step 2:

On the 5th day, pour hot starch water inside the kal chatti.

Starch water: The excess water while boiling rice in a pot is referred as starch water. For people using cooker for steaming rice, use the water which is used for cleaning rice. Heat this water in a pot and pour inside kalchatti.

The Kalchatti will turn pitch black in colour. Now the kalchatti is ready to be used for making mouth watering gravies, sambar and rasam.

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