Mandira’s Secret to Healthy cooking

Want to cook healthy like Mandira?

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My secret to GOOD Health

🍳 Cookware is as important as the ingredients used.

⚠️ Chemical coated cookware is dangerous for your health.

I have started COOKING healthy, Join me!


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Mandira’s Favourite Cookware Collection 

Triply Premium Stainless Steel Sauce pan - 3 Layer Body, Glass Lid, Induction Base, 1.8L,Milk/Tea Pan

Rs. 5,000.00
Rs. 2,899.00

Triply Premium Stainless Steel Kadai/Kadhai - 3 Layer 3mm Thick Body, Induction Base,1.7/2.7/4 Litre

Rs. 3,600.00
Rs. 1,699.00

Pure Copper Hammered Water Bottle - 1000 ml

Rs. 999.00
Rs. 899.00

Neem Wood Handmade Cooking And Serving Spoons SET OF 7 Kitchen Spatula

Rs. 2,020.00
Rs. 1,220.00

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