Breakfast Combo-Paniyaram Pan 9pit/Appam Pan 7inch
Breakfast Combo-Paniyaram Pan 9pit/Appam Pan 7inch
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Breakfast Combo-Paniyaram Pan 9pit/Appam Pan 7inch

2,300.00 1,299.00


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Benefits :

  • Super Smooth
  • Requires less oil
  • Easy to clean

Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan 9 pit :   9.4 Inch | 3Kg

Cast Iron Appam Pan                 :    7.6 inch | 1.2 Kg

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Cast Iron Paniyaram Square Pan-9 Pit

The 9 pits cast iron paniyaram pan (black) is a high quality cookware used for making a delicious south indian Paniyaram.

Paniyaram is a healthy and nutritious breakfast item found across most homes in south of India. Cook up to 9 delicious and crispy paniyaram at a time with our naturally non-stick paniyaram patra. You need a minimal amount of oil to cook delicious paniyaram by using  our naturally non-stick paniyaram patra. Furthermore, it is made from PFOA-free materials, thus keeping harmful toxins and chemicals away from your food.

Long-Lasting Material for Durability, you can safely use any types of spatulas with this utensil. Our cast iron paniyram pan is durable and long lasting.

The superior kuli paniyaram pan becomes non-stick with regular seasoning. It helps in reducing the amount of oil used but also facilitates conductivity of heat evely. Hence, you will get evenly cooked healthy and tasty paniyarams.

Cast Iron Appam Pan

  • The Indus Valley Cast Iron Appam pan is pre-seasoned making it ready to use.
  • The wide handles make it easy and comfortable to handle and use.
  • Even spreading of heat helps in making fluffy appam without the food being burnt.
  • Tasty – Expect improved taste when cooking in Cast Iron Appam Pans.
  • Served with coconut milk, spicy condiment or curry it tastes much better in Cast Iron Pans compared to other vessels.
  • It enriches your food with iron.
  • Natural – Unlike any Teflon and other Non-sticks, Cast Iron Pan is a Healthy Alternative.

Features : 

  • Pre-seasoned cookware: Seasoned using 100% vegetable oil.
  • No use of synthetic coatings and chemicals makes it 100% safe for consumption.
  • Heats evenly. Durable and inexpensive. Lasts forever and can be passed down to generations.
  • It consumes less oil and saves gas.

Seasoning : 

All The Indus Valley cast iron products are completely hand seasoned. But it needs cleaning and seasoning a few times before cooking.

  • Once you receive your Breakfast Combo – Tawa(11inch)/ Appam Pan(7inch), Clean it completely using mild dish-washing liquid and water.
  • After cleaning, wipe it using a soft cloth and heat in a medium flame to dry it.
  • Once it is dry, apply cooking oil all over it and leave it for 6-8 hours.
  • Heat the product under medium flame for 4-5 mins. After 5 mins, switch it off and let it cool down completely. Then, Scrub it with a soft scrubber.
  • Once it is done, use a soft cloth to wipe away the excess oil and store the product in a dry place.
  • Repeat the process for 3- 4 times before starting to cook to get your desired result. On further usage, it becomes non-sticky and your food will taste the best.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Once you have cooked with your Breakfast Combo – Tawa(11inch)/ Appam Pan(7inch), clean it immediately. Do not leave it in the sink for so long. This prevents rusting of iron.
  • Use warm water and a mild sponge to clean the Appam pan.
  • A dish-washing liquid is sufficient to wash off the food remains.
  • Once it is clean, dry the cookware completely them apply some oil and store it in a dry place.