Bronze (Kansa / Venkalam) Cooking Pot with Wooden StirrerBronze (Kansa / Venkalam) Cooking Pot with Wooden Stirrer
Bronze (Kansa / Venkalam) Cooking Pot with Wooden Stirrer
Bronze Cooking Pot (Kansa / Veṇkalam) – 2 Liters + Free Stir (Oval)
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Bronze Cooking Pot (Kansa / Veṇkalam) – 2 Liters + Free Stir (Oval)

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BRONZE COOKING POT (Kansa / Veṇkalam) – 2 Liters

The Indus Valley’s bronze cooking pots are ideal for boiling milk, cooking rice, and making sweets like kheer. During the festival of Pongal and Sankranti, it is used for making Pongal dishes in this pot.

Cooking rice in bronze utensils and draining the surplus water helps in eliminating pesticides, impurities, and excess starch thereby making it safe and ideal to consume.


  • The bronze utensils are well known for their durability.
  • The copper present in bronze reduces inflammation and increases hemoglobin, whereas, the tin enhances food absorption and digestion.
  • Copper in bronze has anti-Inflammatory properties that are found to releases joint pain, and muscular pain, and further can bang out arthritis.
  • Bronze vessels also help in breaking down and eliminating fats, thus aiding in weight loss.
  • The bronze vessels also enhance our immunity apart from purifying the food.



  • Avoid bronze utensils for cooking or storing acidic food items. (food with tamarind and lime)
  • The use of metal scrubs is commonly not recommended.
  • Do not soak in water for a long time.


  • Wash them with delicate detergents and mild soaps.
  • Use a soft sponge to clean the vessel.
  • Soak the utensils in tamarind water for a while to remove oxidization from time to time. It brings back the shine otherwise you also can scrub using tamarind skin.
  • Bronze that’s is not lacquered will stain and corrode easily if it’s left with food or liquid. It is best to clean your bronze utensils immediately after use.

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