Cast Iron Kadai with wooden spatulaCast Iron Kadai with wooden spatula
Cast Iron Kadai with wooden spatula
Cast Iron Kadai Large+ Stirrer Ladle
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Cast Iron Kadai Large+ Stirrer Ladle

1,720.00 1,099.00


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Cast Iron Kadai Large



25 cm


2.8 KG

Perfect for a family



  • Neem wood stirrer ladle
    Length – 30 cm

Cast Iron Kadai is a healthy and budget-friendly alternative to toxic Teflon coated Non-stick pans. 

Cooking with Cast Iron Pans enriches your food with iron.

It is completely hand seasoned.

Benefits of Cast Iron Kadai Large

EASE OF USE – THE INDUS VALLEY  Buy a Cast Iron Kadai Online is the smoothest in the Indian market. It makes it more non-stick, easy to clean and saves your time while cooking.

HEALTHY – Unlike Non-stick and other pots Cast Iron is very healthy. All Indian food is flavor-rich and cooked in high heat, making cast iron the best fit for us. It also enriches the iron content in our food.

TASTY – Cooking in Cast iron cookware gives the traditional rustic taste to your food. It requires very little oil to cook. You deserve tasty & healthy food every day.

WORKS ON GAS STOVECast Iron Utensils can be used on the stove, in the oven, over a fire. It can withstand high temperatures for a long time.

Seasoning of Cast Iron Kadai

All The Indus Valley cast iron products are completely hand seasoned. But it needs cleaning and seasoning for few times before cooking.

  • Once you received your product, Clean it completely using mild dish-washing liquid and water.
  • After cleaning, wipe it using a soft cloth and heat in a medium flame to dry it.
  • Once it is dry, apply cooking oil all over it and leave it for 6-8 hours.
  • Heat the product under medium flame for 4-5 mins. After 5 mins, switch it off and let it cool down completely. Then, Scrub it with a soft scrubber.
  • Once it is done, use a soft cloth to wipe away the excess oil and store the product in a dry place.
  • Repeat the process for 3- 4 times before starting to cook to get your desired result. On further usage, it becomes non-sticky and your food will taste the best.

Cast Iron Kadai is suitable for all food like Curries and Gravies like Butter chicken. It is a versatile and healthy frying pan for you and your family.

Gift yourself the Best Cast Iron Kadai!

Neem wood stirrer ladle:

  • SCRATCH FREE – Soft edges ensure vessels are scratch-free. Ideal for NON-STICK.
  • LONG LIFE: Neem wood cooking ladles are made from SINGLE BLOCK OF WOOD doesn’t have any cuts or joints.
  • LARGE & DURABLE – Cooking ladles can be used for cooking curry, sauteing vegetables
  • HYGIENIC TO USE: 100% Natural Wood, Natural color with no polish, no added dyes or stains

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Weight 2.8 kg


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