Clay Kadai - Set of 3 for cookingClay Kadai - Set of 3 for cooking

Clay Kadai – Set of 3



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Clay Kadai – Set of 3

Great Clay Kadai Set

The clay kadai is virtually non-stick in nature allowing us to use minimum oil as it retains all the juices and the steam from the food into the pores. It is perfect to make fish curry or potato roast. Your trusted and loyal side kick in the kitchen!

Why Choose The Indus Valley Clay?

Clay Kadai - Set of 3 for cooking


The set of 3 kadai gives flexibility based on the quantity. Can also be used at same time to make two different dishes. 

Clay Kadai - Set of 3 for cooking

Regulates pH

Clay being alkaline in nature helps to regulate the pH of the food cooked in it.

Clay Kadai - Set of 3 for cooking

Non-Stick Nature

The amount of juices and moisture retained on the clay surface helps avoid clumps of food getting stuck in it.

Usage and Care

Getting Started with Clay products

  • Dip all the clay products in a bucket or tub full of water for 8-12 hours or throughout the night.
  • The water absorbed by the clay tends to make it
    stronger and helps in reducing the air bubbles inside the vessel.
  • Keep the products in sunlight to dry them completely.

How to clean and maintain:

  • Use any regular or coconut fiber scrub to clean the inner surface. Use only mild soap if needed. (Do not use metal scrubs.)
  • Store it in an open and ventilated space after drying it.
  • Soak it in hot water to remove tough stains.
  • You can add baking soda to the hot water to remove any smell residues.

About The Indus Valley

Cookware as safe as home food.

The utensils you use matters as much as the ingredients. You deserve only clean, natural and non-toxic cookware.

We get deep into the science of cookware to make it safe for your family

Terracotta Clay FAQ

No, it does not. Induction heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction. So, clay products won’t work on induction.

The basic checks can be source of clay, color of the product and the bell sound it will make while knocking it with knuckles. Do ensure that clay products are heavy metal free. All Indus Valley clay products are free of Lead and Cadmium, making it safe to use.

Clay products with lids, do not allow the vapor to escape and food soaked and cooked in its natural juice eliminates the need of additional fats or oil making it non-stick in nature.

Clay pots can be kept in refrigerator, but they should be allowed to come to room temperature before and after refrigeration. Sudden changes in temperature might cause cracks in the utensil.

  • Use any regular or coconut fiber scrub to clean the inner surface. Use only mild soap if needed. (Metal scrub is a NO)
  • Store it in open and ventilated space after drying it.
  • Soak it in hot water to remove tough stains.

Yes, unglazed clay products are porous in nature and to ensure the use of product in stove top or microwave it needs to be seasoned 2 to 3 times before using for the first time alone.

It absorbs the natural juices and the vapor locked inside while boiling which reduces the need for additional fats or oil to be used while cooking.

Yes, clay can be used in OTG and microwave oven from the start, it should not be used in pre-heated oven or for baking purpose.

No, all the clay products from The Indus Valley are unglazed and hence does not contain any coating or paint on or inside of the surface.

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