Clay Water BottleClay Water Bottle
Clay Water Bottle
Clay Water Bottle (600ml)
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Clay Water Bottle (600ml)


Capacity: 600ml
Self cooling Water bottle. CERTIFIED as Lead and Arsenic Free.

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Clay Water Bottle

Who doesn’t like the smell and taste of water from “matkas”.It really puts us in a nostalgic mood, remembering the good  village days.

The terracotta clay water bottle are a perfect product to relive and revive those days.

These old clay hot water handmade bottles made of natural clay  promote the traditional use of earth wares. They  treat us with the natural goodness and earthly qualities of mother nature. The nutrients and minerals present in the ingredients of these bottles come in direct contact with our body.

These are a very good alternative to the toxic plastic.

The best quality of these water bottle made of clay is that they possess a self-cooling system. Water present in these bottles cool naturally as a result of pores present in them.

  • They improve the taste and push us to drink more water , thereby having a positive impact on our body.
  • They are user- friendly and suitable for all age groups.
  • Possess long-lasting properties.
  • These clay pot water bottles are safe ,non-toxic and free of artificial chemicals.
  • Helps in balancing the ph of  the body.
  • These bottles are one of the best alternatives to refrigeration  because it cools water to an optimum temperature which suits our body needs.
  • Drinking water by these products helps in digestion and regulates our metabolic activities.
  • By imparting unique flavors, they stimulate a thirst for more water.
  • We can live a healthier lifestyle by using these products for drinking purposes.
  • Being Eco friendly, they are a boon for our environment.

Let’s switch to these terracotta bottles for drinking and count on the profits which we received by doing so.If you want to save yourself from getting scolded for drinking refrigerated during sore throats, then this product comes to your rescue. Lets beat the heat with this amazing product and enjoy the immense benefits which this terracotta water bottle presents. It’s time to impress our grandmas by following their tradition and living a healthy life like theirs.



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