Compact Bamboo Wood Chopping BoardCompact Bamboo Wood Chopping Board
Compact Bamboo Wood Chopping Board
Compact Bamboo Wood Chopping Board
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Compact Bamboo Wood Chopping Board


Length: 25 cm

Width : 15 cm

Height: 1 cm

Weight: 270 gms

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Bamboo Wood Chopping Board

This Bamboo Cutting Board meets all the requirements in food preparation. It can also be flipped over for cutting roasts and used as a serving board with finger foods or sushi on it.

NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY bamboo cutting boards are dense and long lasting for all your activities of slicing and dicing. Deep run-off well absorbs juices from meat, fruits and vegetables, minimizing countertop messes

MORE SANITARY cutting boards made from wood. Since bamboo board has natural antimicrobial properties and is 19% harder than other trees, our board absorbs less liquid and has fewer concerns about cross-contamination

SIMPLE TO CLEAN AND PRESERVE It avoids splintering and warping. Hand-wash with dish detergent in warm water, and make air-dry. Apply mineral or olive oil on board to enhance its beauty

Low Maintenance Wood         

The key reason bamboo wood chopping boards have gained popularity in recent years is that due to the hard density of the wood, they are almost maintenance-free. It is resistant to water accumulation and, as a consequence, will not warp or crack as easily as regular wood. That said, due to the extreme heat, it is not advisable to put a bamboo board (let any cutting board alone) in a dishwasher.

Superior Health and Sanitation

Even the finest of maple can be scarred by a chef’s knife, leaving pockets to collect with dust, food particles and bacteria. On the other hand, It is also thick enough to survive scarring by the knife, and naturally prevents water penetration and helps bacteria to find a place to grow.

Bamboo Looks Good

Many chefs enjoy the natural look of bamboo wooden chopping board and the luxurious elegance it conveys as a naturally lighter wood with a fine grain. Many designer kitchens now feature big bamboo cutting boards as the grain can be homogenous and standardised, resulting in a sleek and tasteful look for a trendy kitchen.

Plus, your board can continue to look smooth and elegant for a long time, without having to worry about wood scarring. Furthermore, It is less likely to break and fall than conventional wood boards because of the resistance to absorbing water. Bamboo often withstands staining, which is always a concern with meats and acidic plants like tomatoes.

Green, Renewable and Earth Friendly

Properly sourced, bamboo is a highly renewable resource.

Bamboo is easily cultivated and mostly raised organically due to the ease of growing due to the resistance to its climate. Its rapid growth allows economic harvesting which is why even builders and homeowners, due to its high durability and affordability, have switched to using bamboo.


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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 1 cm



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