Best pure copper glass set of 6Best pure copper glass set of 6
Best pure copper glass set of 6
Copper Tumbler with SS Coating (Set of 6)
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Copper Tumbler with SS Coating (Set of 6)



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Copper Destroys Bad Bacteria

Copper can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacterial strains such as E Coli. It also boosts the immune system and fights against infections

Why choose copper GLASSES?

The Indus Valley combines the best of science and tradition to give you nothing but the best. Copper tumblers are safe and healthy alternative to nasty plastic drinkware.

Best pure copper glass set

Improves Digestion

Copper kills harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation within the stomach. It is a great cure for ulcers, indigestion and infections.

Best pure copper glass set


The glass is coated with stainless steel interior. It makes it safe for serving juice, cocktails and more.

weight loss

Weight Loss

Copper plays a major role in weight loss: It helps move fat out of fat cells and into the blood stream for use as energy.

Usage and Care

Copper tumbler are easy to clean with this method –

  1. Wash the tumbler with water
  2. You can use diluted dish washing liquid to wash the bottle
  3. Use a soft brush to clean the inside of the glass
  4. Do not forget to clean the lid too

If you want the tumbler to shine, soak some lemon / tamarind water in the tumbler for 5 minutes then wash to get the shine.

Best pure copper glass set

About The Indus Valley

Cookware as safe as home food.

The utensils you use matters as much as the ingredients. You deserve only clean, natural and non-toxic cookware.

We get deep into the science of cookware to make it safe for your family

Copper Drinkware FAQ

Absolutely! We’ve added a water tight silicon ring there are no spills. Our bottles are travel friendly, it is your trusty companion to work, school, the gym, or yoga class.

The surface area of copper in contact with water is more in hammered bottles. The choice is about the aesthetics. You can choose a smooth or hammered bottle based on your preference.

We do not recommend it. Copper reacts with acidic liquids like orange juice. We recommend only carrying water in your copper water bottle.

Copper bottles are not flasks. They are not suitable for hot water storage.

No, we recommend hand wash.

No, it is not suitable for microwave oven.

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