Iron Wok & Pan & Tawa & Kadai iron cookware set combo
Iron Cookware Set-Iron Kadai + Iron Tawa + Iron Wok + Iron Pan
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Iron Cookware Set-Iron Kadai + Iron Tawa + Iron Wok + Iron Pan

7,200.00 2,999.00


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  • Wooden handle (Wok,Pan and Tawa)
  • Induction friendly
  • Naturally non-stick

Diameter              Weight
Pan   :            10 inch                0.95 Kg
Tawa :           10 inch                0.93 Kg
Kadai :         10 inch                 0.95 Kg
Wok :            10 inch                 0.90Kg

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Iron Cookware Set

The Indus Valley Iron Cookware set of Iron Combo comes with flat base and lightweight.
It has a wooden handle which makes it easy to handle and avoid burning your hands.
This Iron Cookware Combo Set works on both induction and gas stove.
Heats quickly and evenly, minimising hot spots and food burns.
The Indus Valley set of Iron Combo comes pre-seasoned without any chemical coating.

Iron Cookware Set – Kadai, Tawa, Wok, and Pan

All Iron Cookware products that you buy from The Indus Valley are pre-seasoned. So what does that mean for you?

Usually, any Iron cookware set has to be seasoned before using to ensure the food does not stick on it.

When you buy from us, your set of Iron Combo is ready to use. We do the seasoning for you.

Iron added to food

Anemia is a common problem for Indians, specifically Indian women. It causes multiple problems like menstrual problems, immunity issues among many others.

Many people suffer from iron deficiency, and cooking with iron products can help increase your iron content by as much as 20 times!

We have tips for cleaning and maintenance that will help you use your set of Iron Combo for ages.

Cleaning Iron Cookware Set

Cleaning cast iron cookware takes all of 2 minutes. You need to wash away the food particles. Soap is optional. After washing, dry the Iron by placing it on the stove for 1 minute till the water evaporates. Once it is dry and cooled, wipe clean. Apply a thin coat of oil on all sides and you are DONE!

If you let your food burn on the iron products and it is severely black and food gets stuck. Do not worry, we have a tip for that too. Add rock salt to the iron products; rub all over the iron products with a cut lemon. This will remove all of the food stuck on iron products. Clean the Iron Cookware products as mentioned in the above point and you are good to go.

3 reviews for Iron Cookware Set-Iron Kadai + Iron Tawa + Iron Wok + Iron Pan

  1. Rachana

    I have used the kadai and pan a couple of times so far and i love them. Its been a more than satisfactory experience and i fully intend to buy all types of kitchen products from your brand. Thankyou for a great product. It helped very much to maintain the cookware by following the cleaning instructions.

  2. Radicall21

    Healthy option, Genuine cast iron. Pre seasoning helps the initial effort. However You HAVE TO KEEP Maintaining it. Heat very high, then cool. Apply oil to keep rust free.

  3. Satyam

    The product is sturdy, and I started enjoying cooking in it. Amazing product by Indus. Do you also have Iron cooker ?

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