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Premium Cast Iron Kadai/Kadhai, 100% Toxin-free,Pre-seasoned, Naturally Non-stick,Very Small/Medium

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Make tasty iron-rich food | For daily cooking

Premium Cast Iron Kadai/Kadhai, 100% Toxin-free,Pre-seasoned, Naturally Non-stick,Very Small/Medium


The Indus Valley Cast Iron Kadai is 100% pure cast iron, toxin-free & without any artificial or chemical coatings. A healthier alternative to a toxin coated non-stick kadai. Cast iron adds iron to food that’s needed for good health. Plus, makes food tastier by adding distinct flavour. So if you are thinking which kadai is best for health & cooking, here’s your answer!

The cast iron kadhai is pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil - giving a naturally nonstick finish. The pre seasoned cast iron kadai is perfect for everyday cooking. It’s best in even heating & heat retention. Ideal to make sabzis, chicken curry, vegetable gravies, samosa, etc. The cast iron kadai can be used on gas stove, OTG & campfire. Besides giving superior performance, cast iron kadai can last for generations. No worries of replacing it anytime soon. So trust this cookware to be the best cast iron kadai online! 

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Diameter Capacity/Weight
Very Small Size
20cm/8inch 1.2L/1.7kg
Medium Size 25cm/10inch 2L/2.8kg

    Gravies, Rice Dishes, Soup | Sauteing, Frying, Boiling
    Regular price Rs. 899
    Sale price Price: Rs. 899 Regular price MRP: Rs. 1,500
    SAVE 40%
    Incl. of all taxes
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    Features & Benefits

    • 100% NATURAL COOKWARE: No harmful chemical coatings. 100% toxin-free & food-safe.
    • ENRICHES FOOD WITH IRON: Adds iron content to your meals that helps fight iron deficiency. Truly healthy cookware!
    • NATURALLY NON-STICK: No food sticking. Pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.
    • TASTIER FOOD: Makes your dishes more delicious with a distinct flavour.
    • MONEY SAVING INVESTMENT: Cast Iron cookware lasts for generations & saves more than Rs 20,000 spent on non-stick which hardly lasts for 2 years.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Effortlessly cook your favourite dishes. Suitable for gas stoves, induction stoves (only flat-base ones), OTGs & campfires.
    • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Cooks faster. Saves gas. Best in even heating & heat retention that gives excellent cooking results consistently.
    • BESTSELLER: India’s No.1 Cast Iron Brand. Made in India.

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    • Rinse & thoroughly dry the cookware with a paper towel or cloth.
    • Pour a little vegetable oil.
    • Use a clean cloth to apply oil around the entire cookware surface, including the outer portion.
    • Mildly heat the cookware.
    • Wipe off excess oil, if any. Store cookware until next use.

    What to Cook on Cast Iron?

    • Cast Iron Cookware is versatile and helps you cook many dishes like dosa, roti, gravy, deep frying, paniyaram, appam and more.

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    • Rinse with water & use a little diluted dishwashing liquid/soap for cleaning.
    • Clean gently with a soft sponge/scrub pad.
    • Rinse & towel dry.
    • Apply a light layer of cooking oil after drying. Recommended to mildly heat the cookware before applying oil.
    • Wipe off excess oil, if any. Store cookware until next use.
    • Before the initial use, a gentle wash is recommended.

    FAQs on Cast Iron

    • Is non-stick bad for me?
      Chemical-coated non-stick cookware release toxins in food at high temperatures. These toxins remain in body forever! Hence called “Forever Chemicals”.
    • Is cast iron cookware good for health?
      Cast iron cookware adds iron to food that is good for our health. Thus, it is a healthier alternative to non-stick cookware that has harmful chemical coatings.
    • What is meant by seasoning?
      The process of applying a layer of cooking oil over cast iron cookware is called seasoning. It thus gets a naturally non-stick surface.
    • Will cast iron cookware rust?
      Yes, cast iron cookware will rust if exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. Season it to get back the sheen.
    • Can cast iron cookware be used on induction cooktop?
      All flat-base cast iron cookware are induction-friendly.
    • How often can I use cast iron cookware?
      Regularly. It gets better with use.


      100% Natural cookware. A better choice than non-stick utensils that have harmful chemical coatings. Enriches your meals with Iron content that is good for health.
      100% Toxin-free
      No Chemical Coating
      Being pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, you can start cooking in the new cast iron cookware from day one without any hassles! No food sticking or burning. Thus, making it super easy to clean & maintain!
      Pre-seasoned with 100% Vegetable Oil
      No Chemical Coating
      Brings authentic Indian taste to your favourite dishes. Even heat distribution & retention ensures that there are no hot and cold spots so that your food does not have any undercooked or overcooked portions. So, you get perfect meals every time!
      Makes Food Tastier
      Heats Evenly. Retains Heat for Long.
      This heavy-duty cookware is ideal for rough & tough daily use. No worries about replacing it soon, unlike non-stick cookware that usually wears out within 1-2 years. Metal spoon friendly. Suitable for gas & induction stoves, OTGs & campfires. Best for gifting too!
      Sturdy, Thick & Durable Body
      Cooks Faster, Saves Time & Money


    The Indus Valley Cast Iron Cookware
    Non-stick Cookware
    100% Natural Cookware
    Free from chemicals & artificial coatings.
    Adds Iron to Food
    Makes your food tastier and enriches it with iron.
    Naturally Non-stick
    Pre-seasoned. Consumes less oil for cooking.
    Heats Evenly. Cooks Better
    Best in even heating and heat retention that gives excellent cooking results consistently.
    Cookware for Lifetime
    Ideal for rough & tough daily use. Built to last for generations.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews
    sangita roy
    Good product

    I liked this kadai very much. Initially I had to clean it three to four times . I used only salt to clean it.
    Make sure you learn how to season it first. Once seasoned, it is good to go. I use is to make dal and curry. Very handy and healthy option in Indian kitchen. Must not put in the dishwasher though.
    I use it in my big conventional oven too.

    Narayan Bagarty
    Pure in product

    I like the product... Amazing

    Gayathri Gayathri

    Premium Cast Iron Kadai/Kadhai, 100% Toxin-free,Pre-seasoned, Naturally Non-stick,Very Small/Medium

    Saurabh Asthana
    Really good

    It is a very good small kadhai which can be used to cook for 2-3 people. It is Thick and heavy with rough finish which add more to the looks

    shiv ambardar

    good kadai