Terracotta Water Bottle Green Cork (600ml) - The Indus Valley

Terracotta Water Bottle Green Cork (600ml)

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Gives earthy flavour to water | For daily use

Terracotta Water Bottle Green Cork (600ml)


Say Good bye to nasty plastic water bottles! Clay Water Bottle is made from Natural Red Clay. The Risk of Catching Cold is Less in Clay bottles unlike Refrigerated Water.

✅ Certified Lead Free

😋 Adds Earthy Flavor

 Regulates pH

💪 Adds Nutrients to Water


Storing drinking water | Ideal for daily use
Regular price Rs. 499
Sale price Price: Rs. 499 Regular price MRP: Rs. 1,000
SAVE 50%
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Features & Benefits

  • 100% NATURAL: Made of pure red clay. No harmful chemical coating. 100% toxin-free.
  • CERTIFIED LEAD & CADMIUM FREE: Premium quality, food-grade clay is used that is certified lead and cadmium free.
  • FOOD SAFE: 100% safe for storing drinking water & ideal for daily use.
  • GIVES EARTHY FLAVOUR: Clay adds distinct taste to food/water. So you get to enjoy a nice, earthy flavour.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Clay is alkaline in nature. Thus, regulates pH of food. Prevents acidity or any gastric issues. Also, the risk of catching cold is less in clay bottles unlike refrigerated water.

Cleaning Steps

  • Use any regular or coconut fibre scrub to clean the inner surface. Use only mild soap if needed. (Metal scrub is a strict NO)
  • Store it in an open & ventilated space after drying it.
  • Soak it in hot water to remove tough stains.
  • You can add baking soda to the hot water to remove any smell residues.

Care & Seasoning

  • Before First-Time Use:
    Dip the clay utensil in a bucket or tub full of water for 8-12 hours or overnight.
    The water absorbed by the clay tends to make it stronger & helps in reducing the air bubbles inside the vessel.
    Keep the utensil in sunlight to dry them completely.
  • Before Cooking - Seasoning of Cookware:
    Pour 3-4 tablespoons of oil & grease the entire inner surface of cookware.
    Leave it for some time. Repeat initially 2-3 times.

Clay Cookware Recipes

FAQs for Clay

  • How to check if clay is good?
    The basic checks can be the source of clay - colour of the product and the bell sound it will make while knocking it with knuckles. Do ensure that clay products are heavy metal free. All Indus Valley clay products are free of Lead and Cadmium, making it safe to use.
  • Can clay utensils be refrigerated?
    Clay utensils can be kept in the refrigerator. But they should be allowed to come to room temperature before & after refrigeration. Sudden changes in temperature might cause cracks in the utensil.
  • Is it induction safe?
    No, it is not. Induction heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction. So, clay cookware won’t work on induction.
  • Is it microwave safe?
    Yes, clay can be used in OTG and microwave oven from the start. It should not be used in a preheated oven or for baking purposes.
  • Do clay cookware need seasoning?
    Yes, unglazed clay utensils are porous in nature and to ensure the use of product in stove top or microwave it needs to be seasoned 2 to 3 times before using for the first time alone.


    100% Natural red clay. Made of superior food-grade quality material. Totally food-safe & non-toxic.
    100% Toxin-free
    Certified Lead & Cadmium Free
    Fall in love with the rustic, ‘mitti’ flavour given by clay kitchenware. For, earthen utensils are known to add a distinct taste to the food/water stored in it. Adds essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and sulphur to your food and water.
    Gives Earthy Flavour
    Adds Nutrients
    The Indus Valley’s clay products are carefully crafted with the best of tradition & science. Clay being alkaline in nature, regulates pH of food. It helps in preventing acidity & gastric problems. Truly classy, traditional & healthy!
    Regulates pH
    Multiple Health Benefits
    Every clay kitchenware at The Indus Valley is meticulously made in a firing kiln with controlled heat and is baked uniformly at a high temperature. Thus, making it totally food-safe for daily use.
    Great For Daily Use
    100% Food Safe


The Indus Valley Clay Drinkware
Plastic Drinkware
100% Natural
Free from chemicals & artificial coatings.
Certified Lead & Cadmium Free
Made from superior, food-grade material.
Enhances Taste
It gives a nice, earthy flavour to water/food.
Adds Nutrients
Clay products release nutrients in food/water that are good for health.
Regulates pH
Clay products prevent gastric problems & acidity.

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