The Essence of Freedom

Independence Day has a special place in the memories of every Indian citizen. More than the joy of celebrating the day with parades and sweets, it brings back the sacrifices and pain our ancestors went through to be free from slavery. It reminds us the agony our great heroes went through, to make our lives better. And that’s the reason we have the right to live independently. Our geography and culture are different from every state. Yet, we manage to live in unity. This is where we show our integrity and love for each other.

Let us make our country rich and prosper by standing together. Let’s produce our goods to make our lives better. This needs to be done to fulfill the dreams of our ancestors and to make our lives safe for generations. Only then will we get real freedom…! Only then will we be free…!

Come join us in this mission to “Make in India”

We have a wide variety of products that are natural and healthy…! All our products are made by skillful artisans of India. Here we introduce you, a special set of wooden ladles. They are non-toxic and made from good quality wood. Enough of the problems we faced with all the plastic and silicon ladles. Trash off the unhealthy ladles and try out our new wooden ladles. It’s worth your money…!

We provide you a set of five beautiful wooden ladles at a huge discount. Guess what?? We also provide you a free wooden flip along with this set of five ladles. So that’s a six-piece combo…!

Wow, that sounds great, isn’t it? But, please do note that it’s a limited period offer…! So Hurry…!

Take a look at our ladles and we are sure that you will want to have a set. Well, what’s more important than the health of your family? Grab a set and cook them healthy meals.


Large Flip

The neem wood Large flip is designed in such a way that your hands are safe while flipping your favorite dosa or chapathy. The finishing of the product is so good, that you feel easy in cooking the delicacies you love. It has a flat head that helps in holding the food without breaking. What more to say? It can be the perfect ladle to add to your utensils list.


Regular Flip

The regular flip has a design that widens from the handle to head. This helps in handling the food with much care. It is long so that its safe to cook. It is perfect to cook crispy dosas and soft chapathy. If you are a pancake lover, regular flip can be your best choice. It is 32cm long and has a wide head.



If you are looking for that perfect spoon to stir your tasty curry, then this is the right piece. This 30cm long spoon has a handle that helps to hold it comfortably. The head of the stirrer helps in stirring the gravy well, such that the flavors are combined at a perfect level. Your hands are safe from burns, as they do not conduct heat. A perfect stirrer ladle



This is a unique wooden spoon that can be exclusively used for sautéing your favorite stir fry foods. This 26cm long spoon has a unique design that makes it different from the other common wooden spoons. Since the world is moving faster nowadays, cooking needs to be easy. This sauté is perfect for that and helps you with easy cooking.


Serve spoon

Serve spoon can be the best pair for your serve bowls on the dining. It has a wide head that can be used to serve a whole lot of food at just one serve. The shape helps in containing the food without a spill. The handle of the serving spoon helps in holding the spoon well. The total length of the spoon is 25cm.


Compact flip

This is a very compact but comfortable flip that can be used to cook quite a lot of dishes. The slight curve on the head helps in separating the hot crispy dosa from the pans. It can also be used to sauté or make pancakes. It is a flexible flip that can be used in different ways. Sautéing, flipping, frying, and almost everything can be done with this small compact flip.

Hey..! Why wait here..!

Hurry..! Grab it before the offer ends..!

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