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Top 8 Benefits of Cooking in Earthenware Vessels

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8 Great Reason to Cook in Earthenware Pots:

The Earthenware pots used to be an intrinsic part of the Indian kitchen. Every Indian household used Clay pots for cooking on a day to day basis. So why did our ancestors use clay utensils for cooking, why to cook in clay pots?
In this blog, we list down the TOP 8 benefits of Clay cooking vessels:
  1. Slow cooking:

    • Firstly, Clay cooking pots are extremely effective for slow cooking. Clay cooking vessels are porous in nature. It allows both moisture and heat to circulate easily through them. This aids in even, slow and delicate cooking.  Curry, gravy and sauteing vegetables / meat are best done in earthenware.
  2. Tasty food:

    • Food cooked in Clay pots are tastier than any other cooking Pans. Why? Because, Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer, tender and fresher than conventional cooking. This is unique to clay cooking and helps carry spices and seasoning much deeper into the food, giving it that extra special touch in flavor.
  3. pH balance of the food:

    • Clay as a material has alkaline properties. It neutralizes the pH balance of the food by interacting with acids in food. Acidic foods like tomatoes will take some natural sweetness and give the food a fantastic taste when cooked with earthenware vessels.
  4. Maintain 100% Nutrition in food:

    • Earthenware vessels have unique quality of keeping in all the steam and vapor that evaporates during cooking. It helps to retain all the nutrients of the food. It reduces the need to add more oil and/or water.
  5. Less Oil: 

    • A fat free meal  is possible while cooking in earthenware vessels as they have a non stick property. This helps in lesser usage of oil while cooking in clay pots, resulting in a drop in your bad cholesterol and a slimmer waistline. An added advantage is that this also helps you reduce the use of salt.
  6. Retains heat for longer time:

    • Terracotta is a bad conductor of heat but the advantage is  the amount of heat it conducts is just  about perfect to cook food without over heating or cooking at high pressure. Hence hot food remains hot and cold food remains cold longer.
  7. Uniform cooking:

    • Clay being a porous material, allows heat and moisture circulate evenly through the pot during cooking, unlike with metal or stainless steel pots.This superior form of heat circulation helps in cooking vegetables and meat evenly.
  8. Environmental benefits:

    • Clay is an environment friendly substance, as they are completely natural, inert and non-toxic. When taken care of these clay pots properly they can last quiet a long time. They are completely Bio-degradable.

One small change can make your food healthier and tastier. Feel Free to Leave comments / questions.


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