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5 Unique Gift Ideas for every occasion

Weddings, housewarmings, birthday parties and so on… Whatever occasion it may be, the one thing which all of us think about is gift. Gift is an expression of love and thoughtfulness. It can’t be ignored. The one criteria which most of us set is that it shouldn’t be an usual gift and at the same time it shouldn’t be expensive.

If that’s your case, then you are at the right place.

5 unique gift ideas to rock the next event.

The Classic Bowl Set:

Try our wooden bowls once and I am sure you will fall for it’s quality and look. We have got so many options in wood  like neem, sheesham, mango and acacia. If you want to gift someone who is health concious, then go for the neem wooden bowl set. It is anti-bacterial by nature. The acacia bowl set looks classic and hence the best serveware option. The sheesham and mango wood can be gifted for its finest quality and durability.

The Plates and Platters:

Don’t skip. It’s not the usual plates. If it’s a kid’s birthday party that you are about to attend, then Neem wood kids plate is the best option. Sometimes kids tend to bite the cutlery. Neem wood plate is natural and it is harmless to the baby since, no coating is done. If it’s some other occasion, The Indus Valley has a wide variety of options in platters. Check them now.

Terracotta Products:

For someone who loves cooking, try gifting them terracotta products like clay pot or clay water bottle. Cooking in a clay pot will give a whole lot of difference in terms of taste and flavor. Let them remember you every time they take a sip of that chai from the terracotta tea cup you just gifted. Check out all terracotta products from The Indus Valley

Paniyaram Pan:

Who doesn’t love paniyaram? Let it be sunny or rainy, it’s always a perfect evening snack. Some people have it as a breakfast or dinner because it is steamed and not fried. So paniyaram made from the indus valley paniyaram pan is healthy because it is hand made by skilled artisans using soap stone. This is definitely a perfect gift for someone who is interested in natural cookwares.  

Wooden Cutlery:

Small changes can create a huge impact. Wooden spoons may look normal but they spruce up the whole kitchen space. A pop of wooden spoon and fork set near a salad bowl on a dining table creates a lot of difference. The fact that it is made of neem wood is even more beneficial. We are sure you will fall for the cutlery collections of the indus valley. If you are looking for return gifts, this is the best option. Check them now.

This is how The Indus Valley helps in picking up the right gift for any occasion. 

What are you waiting for? 

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6 thoughts on “5 Unique Gift Ideas for every occasion

  1. sunithahanumanthu18 says:

    Beautiful very nice

  2. Vaishali says:

    Nice Ideas 🙂

  3. Shanthi says:

    Excellent Idea.

    1. Digital Marketing says:

      Thank you Shanthi. For the next function you are about to attend, we hope this helps you 🙂

  4. monika.darne says:

    I just got cast iron tawa and skillet. Havent used it yet. Just washed it first after receiving it. It left a lot of black colour while washing it. Also later after drying it applied oil to saeson it, even then while wiping it lot of black colour came out on the kitchen towel.
    Is this normal?

    1. Digital Marketing says:

      @Monika.drane This is completely normal. Initially it requires seasoning for few uses. Never be too harsh while cleaning. use soft sponge to clean your tawa. After cleaning, dry it completely, and then apply oil all over pan. keep it in medium flame for 15-20 mins and then cool it down. Gently wipe out the excess oil. Store it in a dry place. After every use of your tawa, repeat this step.

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