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Yoga: The Rhythm Of Life

The Rhythm Of Life

Yoga, the rhythm of life….!

There is something magical and extraordinary about yoga…! Yes, we all know that, don’t we..!?

Happy “International Yoga Day” guys..!

The Rhythm Of Life

We know that yoga helps us to keep our mind and body at peace. It creates a rhythm in our lives and takes us to that joy of fulfilment and delight. The practice of yoga helps us to balance our mind and body, taking us through the alley of spirituality.

Yoga being formed in India a thousand years back, we still follow the practice of yoga. Most of us do…!  Stone carvings on yoga can be found in the Indus Valley which depicts the original poses and practice. We were even fortunate about spreading yoga across the world.  

Yoga brings harmony to our hearts and spirits. It purifies our body and makes our mind stable. It aligns the seven chakras of the human body by which one can attain the state of enlightenment.


The Rhythm Of Life

But, practising yoga in today’s world has become challenging, because of the polluted surroundings. Fresh air, peaceful mind, silent environment, and private space are hard to find these days. Cities and villages are overpopulated and don’t seem to slow down. It’s very sad that we don’t get a natural environment to keep us happy and healthy. When these are missing, how can one practice yoga with peace of mind? At least, can one live happily?

Sadly No…!

Living in an artificial world where everything is becoming fake with promises broken, one cannot live life to the peaks of joy or satisfaction. Food, clothes, and even medicines to heal us are becoming fake. Even the cookware that is available is not safe. Then how can the food that is cooked in it be safe..!

Whom to believe…?

The Rhythm Of Life

Do not worry..!

We, The Indus Valley promise you the best cookware that is natural and promising. Our cookware is quality assured and does not contain poisonous substances. We are very careful in providing the most natural and safe cookware you can get. Our artisans are pretty much skilled in making beautiful kitchenware out of pure and natural resources.

Come join us on this special day and let’s start the journey to a most wonderful life that gives you and your family peace and health. It’s time to stop thinking and start doing wisely.

Try out our products and we are sure it’ll help you create a balance in your life, both physically and mentally…!

One of the secrets of our ancestor’s healthy lifestyle was the cookware that they used. Their meals were cooked in organic cookware that is safe. We provide you with good quality cookware….!

Don’t you wanna give it a try? Come on, check it out…!

Cast iron:

Our cast iron cookware is natural, strong and genuine. It takes you to the ancient cooking experience. It helps you have a healthy meal and keeps your body healthy. the iron content in cast iron supplies iron to your body. Iron in the form of haemoglobin gives your body a good supply of oxygen, making you fresh. When you are healthy, you will have a healthy mind. Thus it brings you peace.

And we know, that is what you need…!

Cast Iron Cookware Set-Completely safe for cooking any type of food


We have various copper products that are mostly used as drinkware. Copper bottles help in adding copper to our body. It is known to have antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in improving immunity and helps with better digestion. It helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

And that seems to be good.  Don’t you want these benefits..!

Check out our copper bottles..!

Drink Water From Pure Copper Bottle For Better Health


Clay is a wonderful material. It is not so costly like metals. And they are environment-friendly. They don’t pollute the environment. Hence, they are pretty much genuine to be chosen to make cookware. Clay kitchenware is getting into a trend nowadays as people are conscious about the health benefits it can bring to them. Clay products from The Indus Valley are made with much care. They are non-toxic, unlike the clay products available in the market. They can help you live a natural life.

Let’s take a look at our clay products...!

Made of 100% Natural Clay


We have a variety of wooden products to keep your kitchen healthy and beautiful. We carefully choose the wood that is used in making these beautiful products. We have products like wooden spoons, ladles, cutting boards, combs. Wood is given much importance as we know about its health benefits. Every wooden product of ours is done with keen observation and care to deliver you the most beautiful masterpiece.

Here are some of the wooden products that we have…!

This is not the end. We have a lot more coming up. We are working on delivering you with a variety of organic cookware that can make you and your family healthy and happy.

Wanna know more about us?

Please do visit our website to know more about the products that are awaiting you. On this international yoga day, let us bring you and your family peace and health for the rest of your life.

join us, and let’s go back to our real way of living…! The Indian way…!

Check out these products and we are sure you’ll want to own one…!

Cast Iron Appam Pan (Pre Seasoned | 7.6 inch | 1.2 KG)

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Cast Iron Cookware Set (Pre-Seasoned) – Kadai (2.5L) + Kadai (1.2L) + Dosa Tawa (10 inch)

4,500.00 2,699.00
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Clay Pot for Cooking – Gas stove & Microwave safe [ Small | 750 ml | Terracotta | Earthernware ]

600.00 480.00
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Clay Square Side Tray (Katori For Dessert,Chutney, Sauces)

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Clay Water Bottle – 1 Litre

650.00 552.00
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Copper Water Glass Set of 6 (Jointless | 250ml | Hammered)

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Copper Water Glass Set of 6 (Jointless | 250ml)

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Neem Wood Chopping Board [34cm | Rectangle Cutting Board]

1,350.00 999.00
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Neem Wooden Comb Family Pack (Set of 5)

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Pure Copper Hammered Water Bottle ( Diamond cut )- 1000 ml

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Wooden Spatula for Cooking & Serving [ Neem Wood ] – Set of 6

1,215.00 972.00
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