9 Reasons Why Wood Ladles are Good!

Have you ever read a recipe that calls for “stirring with wooden spoons” and wondered why? Why not stir with a metal spoon? Or a silicone spoon or spatula? Is it important what kind of wood the spoon be made from?

Wooden spatulas & ladles are absolutely essential for your kitchen for dosa, roti, chapati and for sautéing vegetables and stirring your yummy gravies.

Even if you haven’t wondered about wooden spoons before, here are some key answers. A set of good wooden spoons are some of the most important utensils to have in the kitchen.

1. Scratch free
– Soft edges of wooden spoons ensure vessels are scratch-free and ideal for non-stick.

2. Long life – Neem wood cooking ladles are made from single block of wood and don’t have any cuts or joints.

3. Large & durable – Cooking ladles can be used for cooking curry, sauteing vegetables

4. Hygienic to use – 100% natural wood, natural color with no polish, no added dyes or stains.

5. Heat resistant – Wood withstands heat better compared to metal/plastic spoons. Burnt free cooking is possible with the use of wooden spatulas

6. Food safe – Wooden ladles used are completely food-safe, and can be used for any food preparation

7. 100% Natural – Premium quality wood is used without any additives or paint or lacquer

8. Eco-friendly – Wood is very eco-friendly compared to other options available

9. Non-toxic – Wood doesn’t react with food and is non-toxic in comparison to alternatives
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