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The Indus Promise

Keeping up with our mission to make Indian Kitchens healthy. Every "The Indus Valley " product is totally safe and without chemical coating.At the indus valley we believe cookware is as important as the ingredients used.So we are obsessed about providing absolutley safest kitchen essentials to help in your healthy journey.
We are here to provide you the assurance of top quality with our products.They are made from genuine, high quality materials and are ISO 9001 certified to your peace of mind.

To ensure the genuine nature of The Indus Valley products, we strictly adhere to the practice of packaging all our authentic printed boxes featuring The Indus Valley brand identity. Additionally our authentic packaging is furnished with 'authenticity seals' known as Certificates of Authenticity(COA).

To verify the authenticity of our products, our partners and consumers can simply enter the provided label ID, Security code and inspect the seal on The Indus Valley Product authenticity platform at any time. We kindly request you to exclusively use authentic The Indus Valley product that bear the authenticity seal (Certificate of Authenticity-COA). To confirm the authenticity of your The Indus Valley product please input the label ID and security code found on the packaging sticker.