CASTrong Cast Iron Cookware Set: Free ₹110 Spatula +Tawa+Kadai+Frypan,Kitchen set for Home, Pre-seasoned,100% Pure,Induction

CASTrong Cast Iron Cookware Set: Free ₹110 Spatula +Tawa+Kadai+Frypan,Kitchen set for Home, Pre-seasoned,100% Pure,Induction

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Made for daily use | Seasoned with vegetable oil

CASTrong Cast Iron Cookware Set: Free ₹110 Spatula +Tawa+Kadai+Frypan,Kitchen set for Home, Pre-seasoned,100% Pure,Induction

💪100% HEALTHY: The Indus Valley CASTrong Cast Iron Cookware Set - Kadai/Kadhai (2.4L) + Frying Pan/Skillet (1.6L) + Dosa Tawa/Tava (25.7cm) - is made from 100% natural material which is cast iron. 

🌿TOXIN FREE COOKWARE: Made of pure cast iron, this cast iron cookware set is a healthier alternative to non-stick combos that have chemical coating. With this toxin-free cookware combo, you can cook healthier dishes effortlessly. No worries about chemicals getting mixed in your food.

💊ENRICHES FOOD WITH IRON: Because, cast iron adds iron to food that’s really good for health. Your daily iron-intake will be taken care of by this cast iron set.

🤤ENHANCES FOOD’S FLAVOUR: The cast iron will also make your dishes tastier by adding a distinct flavour. 

👍NATURALLY NON-STICK: Each of the products in this cast iron combo has a naturally non-stick finish. The cast iron cookware set is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. Giving you superior performance right from first use. 

🍳COOKS ALL YOUR FAVOURITE DISHES: The pre seasoned cast iron kadai is best for making dal, gravy, sabzis, samosas, etc. You can also make rice dishes like fried rice, pulao or upma, kheer, etc. The cast iron frying pan or skillet is ideal to make paneer tikka,  pasta, chicken curry, sandwich, etc. Besides using cast iron tawa for dosa, you can make uttapam, roti, chapathi, paratha, naan, omelette, etc. in the tava. 

👌MULTI-PURPOSE COOKWARE: The tawa and skillet works on gas stove, induction, OTG and campfire. Due to its concave shape, the cast iron kadhai is not induction friendly. 

LASTS FOR GENERATIONS: This is a super strong cooking set for kitchen that will last for generations! Unlike nonstick set that has delicate coating, the cast iron combo is sturdy and durable. No worries about replacing it anytime soon. 

😎THE BEST CHOICE: Buy cast iron cookware combo and switch to healthier living. Check for the best cookware set price range for you on The Indus Valley website.


Roti, Sabzi, Curries, Rice Dishes | Frying, Sauteing
Regular price ₹ 2,999
Sale price Offer Price: ₹ 2,999 Regular price ₹ 6,498
Save ₹3499 (54% Off)

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Cast iron utensils are heavier and tougher than sheet iron cookware. They won't easily get scratched or damaged. Once you use and season cast iron cookware regularly, they get naturally non-stick finish. Nothing sticks to them, making it easy to cook and clean. Cast iron lasts longer and you can even pass it down to generations.
    • Here is an easy guide to season new cast iron cookware:
    • 1. Boil water in the new cast iron cookware.
    • 2. Once cooled, wash it with warm, soapy water and a steel scrubber/scrub pad.
    • 3. Rinse thoroughly and dry the cookware with a paper towel/cloth.
    • 4. Place it on the gas stove. Heat it till water evaporates.
    • 5. Spread a layer of cooking oil (any edible oil) on the entire cookware - top and bottom.
    • 6. Heat the cookware till smoke is visible.
    • 7. Saute chopped onions or vegetable waste till it turns brown.
    • 8. Discard the content.
    • 9. Wipe thoroughly and store cookware in a dry place until next use.
    • 1. Wash cast iron cookware with soapy water & a scrub pad.
    • 2. Heat it mildly on a gas stove until completely dry.
    • 3. Apply cooking oil all over to prevent rusting.
    • No cast iron cookware is not dishwasher safe.
    • The cast iron cookware will release black residue at first. Don’t worry; it’s been seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. One quick hack you can try is to saute some onion or vegetable waste a few times to get rid of this black residue.
    • The cast iron cookware will release black residue at first. Don’t worry; it’s been seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.
    • The Solution:
    • 1. Apply a paste of oil & salt.
    • 2. Spread it entirely on the cookware.
    • 3. Rest it for three hours.
    • 4. Scrub the salt-oil paste with a metal scrubber.
    • 5. Wash the surface with warm, soapy water.
    • 6. Wipe it dry & season it.
    • Do not soak your cast iron cookware in water. Always wipe it completely dry with a cloth after every wash. Post wash, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the entire cookware surface.
    • Seasoning is important to maintain the natural non-stick finish of the cast iron cookware. It also prevents the cookware from rusting.
    • A pre-seasoned cast iron cookware does not mean it won't rust. So it is necessary to season the cookware periodically.
    • On receiving new cast iron cookware, simply wash it with hot water. It is recommended not to use soap or dish wash liquid for cleaning as the pan is already pre-seasoned.
    • Yes you can. But remember this… When cooking food with citric ingredients like tomato or lemon, it is always advisable to transfer it to a serving bowl post cooking.
    • Also avoid making milk recipes in cast iron. Because it will react with the material and change the taste of your recipe.
    • You can use your cast iron cookware regularly. It gets better with use.
    • Unlike non-stick that gets damaged with use, The Indus Valley cast iron cookware gets even better with use and regular seasoning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Naga Raju
Nice product

Value of money

Amanjot Kaur
Exceptionally great cast iron cookware set

I have been using the cookware from Indus valley since last month, I switched from Non stick pan to cast iron.
The quality of the vessels are great and at affordable price. The sets are preseasoned.
The grill pan is a bit heavier than expected none the less happy with the purchase.

Overall recommended for everyone who is going trhough tons of review and plannin to switch to Cast Iron.
Indus valley three cookware cast iron set is like a beginner friendly starter kit.

Very good products. Loved it.

Good products loved it.

sikkendar banu
Combo set kadai tawa and pan

Amazing !!!!!!


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