TurboCuk Tri-ply Stainless Steel Tall Casserole/Stockpot, Glass Lid, Premium 3 Layer Body, Induction, Non-stick, 6.5L

TurboCuk Tri-ply Stainless Steel Tall Casserole/Stockpot, Glass Lid, Premium 3 Layer Body, Induction, Non-stick, 6.5L

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Ideal for Large Quantity Cooking | Induction Safe

TurboCuk Tri-ply Stainless Steel Tall Casserole/Stockpot, Glass Lid, Premium 3 Layer Body, Induction, Non-stick, 6.5L

👌100% TOXIN-FREE: The Indus Valley’s TurboCukTM Tri-ply Stainless Steel Tall Stock Pot with Glass Lid is truly healthy! Made from 100% food safe Stainless Steel (304 Grade), it is totally free from toxic coating.

💪THREE-PLY CONSTRUCTION: The super tough three-ply construction of the stock pot - that is made of 3 layers of metals from base to rim does not react with your food whatsoever. 

🥦PRESERVES FOOD NUTRIENTS: The 3-layer body and the tempered glass lid lock the nutrients, heat, and flavours while the air vent hole lets out steam and extra moisture. 

🍳COOKS ALL YOUR FAVOURITE DISHES: This versatile stockpot allows you to prepare yummy, healthy dishes easily. Boil chicken, make sambar, cook soup, spaghetti, pasta, or any favourite food of your choice. It is really suitable for cooking dishes in large quantities. 

NO FOOD BURNING OR STICKING: You should definitely buy the best quality stock pot that is 3 times better than normal stainless steel pot and the ones which have tri-ply only at the base. Because this design prevents food burning and sticking. It enables even heating and heat retention as well.

😍MULTI-PURPOSE COOKWARE:  Ideal for boiling, simmering, steaming, and even serving. The stockpot is gas stove, OTG and induction friendly. 

♨️EVEN HEATING & FAST COOKING: The 18/8 stainless steel layer on the stock pot’s cooking surface promotes even and fast cooking. The beautiful matt finish makes your dishes glide smoothly - giving you easy as well as hygienic cooking experience.

🧽EASY TO CLEAN: Call it the best stock pot online, it is super easy to clean and maintain. Simply wash with dishwashing soap, wipe dry and store! You can clean it in the dishwasher too.

🥄SCRATCH AND RUST RESISTANT: In fact, the stainless steel stockpot is resistant to damages and scratches. No worries about this stainless steel pot rusting or using your metal ladles and spatulas! 

😎THE BEST CHOICE: Trust this smart tri ply stainless steel stockpot to turn out to be the best cooking pot in India for you! Enjoy a great cooking experience without compromising on your health and convenience. Trust it to be the best rice pot that you ever had!

Gravy, Soup, Pasta | Boil, Steam, Simmer, Serve
Regular price ₹ 3,459
Sale price Offer Price: ₹ 3,459 Regular price ₹ 5,500
Save ₹2041 (37% Off)

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Tri-ply stainless steel cookware is made of 3 layers of metals. It has an inner layer of food-grade stainless steel, a middle layer of aluminium, and an outer layer of stainless steel.
    • 100% FOOD SAFE: No harmful chemical coatings. 100% toxin-free.
    • PRESERVES FOOD NUTRIENTS: Even heat distribution enables fast cooking which helps in preserving 85% of nutrients. Healthier dishes, for sure!
    • THREE-PLY CONSTRUCTION: 3 layers of metals from base to rim. Scratch and rust resistant surface. No dents or bulging.
    • EFFORTLESS COOKING GUARANTEED: Aesthetically designed for enhanced safety and convenience. Perfect for daily use and urban lifestyle.
    • EASY CLEANING: Prevents burning of food up to 90%. Prevents food from sticking to the surface. So, no cleaning hassles.
    • MONEY SAVING INVESTMENT: Quick cooking. Saves fuel up to ₹1200 per year. Lasts for decades.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Effortlessly cook your favourite dishes. Suitable for gas and induction stove and OTG.
    • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Best in even heating and heat retention. Consumes less oil.
    • Non-stick briyani pot that contains PFOA & PTFE can potentially release harmful fumes if overheated. Prolonged exposure to these fumes might lead to health issues.
    • Preheat the tri-ply stainless steel briyani pot on medium heat, use non-metal utensils, and apply a small amount of oil to make it non-stick. Avoid extreme temperature changes and overheating empty pans to maintain the briyani pot's durability and cooking performance.
    • Tri-ply stainless steel briyani pot, when used properly, reduces food burning/sticking by 90%. Using proper preheating techniques, adding a small amount of oil or fat, and cooking on medium heat can help prevent sticking.
    • Yes, tri-ply stainless steel briyani pot is durable and long-lasting. Its 3-layered construction provides excellent durability, resistance to warping, and ensures prolonged use with proper care.
    • No. The Indus Valley’s Tri-ply Stainless Steel is made of high quality and durable material.
    • Yes, tri-ply stainless steel briyani pot is induction safe.
    • Tri-ply stainless steel briyani pot is versatile for preparing dishes like curries, tadka, biryani, frying snacks, tea/coffee, sauces, pasta, sweets, and more.
    • Just spray, wait and wipe clean the stainless steel cleaner with ease! With The Indus Valley Stainless Steel Cleaner, you can remove oil spots, sticky grease and difficult stains from any surface. This powerful cleaner's grease-fighting ability aids in the clean-up of even the toughest messes.


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Kimpetti S

All products so nice


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