Care For Your Wooden Bowl

Wooden Bowl

Generally, For wooden products to be long-lasting, they need to be properly seasoned properly, to ensure that the wood used in it is no longer liable to crack and movement as it is common in most woods as they adjust to new climates. 

Here at The Indus Valley, we ensure a well-implemented quality control method is followed during the drying process to make sure that we offer better care for your The Indus Valley mango wood bowls. So that it remains in good condition for many years to come. In addition, all our The Indus Valley products are treated to eliminate any fungal attack of the wood.

 Although our mango wood bowls are seasoned, carefully treated and put through attention to detail quality control process, they do require some care to keep them in original condition. The Indus Valley – Mango wood comes from a tropical environment that is far more humid than most of the environments the products are destined for. 

 Wooden Bowls

Therefore, mango wood must acclimatize to a new environment. During the winter months, the heat in our homes actually draws moisture from the air and anything in the surrounding environment that contains moisture, such as your skin and the wood products in your home. To prevent cracking, the wood requires moisture much like your skin requires moisture to look healthy.

Care of Bowls

This is a natural product that reacts naturally to its environment. Mango wood is kiln dried in order to retain its strength and stability, yet originates from a relatively moist tropical climate. 

Especially in dry climatic areas, it is a good idea to apply some moisture through a wood containing fruit oil such as lemon or orange oil. This is best applied to a clean cloth before wiping the Bowl, or in accordance with the product instructions. This should be repeated on a regular basis as needed.

Dry weather conditions also apply to winter-time, sunlight from the windows and not to position close to heat sources. In such cases, turn or change Mango wood bowl positions every now and then to prevent the wood from fading out. 

  • Mango wood bowl should be treated with a good quality edible oil such as olive or walnut oil. 
  • Rub the oil onto the inside surface whenever the wood begins to look dry. 
  • To provide an attractive sheen to these pieces, you can rub in two or three coats of 100% pure beeswax on the inside surface. 
  • The outside stained surface can be treated with lemon oil and should be treated about once a month or whenever it appears dry.

To maintain the optimal decorative elegance and preserve the wooden bowl, avoid products containing alcohol as they will dry out the wood. Simply pour a small amount of oil onto a smooth cotton cloth and then wipe around the wooden bowl. If it seems to absorb the oil quickly then it may require more. The remaining oil will completely absorb.

Mango wood bowl that is used for food should be cleaned after each use. 

The best method is to wipe the surface of the Mango wood bowl with warm soapy water, rinsing immediately, and then dry with a tea towel or paper towel for better results. 

By applying oil to the Mango wood bowl, you can protect the wood from drying and will prevent it from the effects of vinegar or acidic vegetables like tomatoes.

Note: Mango wood bowl is not waterproof, so only use it with dry food.

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