3 Easy Steps To Clean Wooden Utensils

For wooden products to be long-lasting, seasoning and care is essential. This ensures that your wooden utensils do not crack and last for a long time.

Here at The Indus Valley, we ensure that a well-implemented quality control method is followed during the drying process. This helps us build strong high quality wooden utensils that remaining good condition for many years to come. In addition, all our The Indus Valley products are treated to eliminate any fungal attack of the wood.

Care Instructions for Wooden Products -

  1. Wash the wooden products using baking soda and vinegar.
  2. Smoothening of the products can be done using sandpaper.
  3. Season using coconut oil. (The process should be repeated on a regular basis - preferably 1 month once)

    Do's and Dont's -

    • Do not soak or wash wooden products in water for too long.
    • Do not allow the wooden utensils to dry naturally because they can crack and warp. Always pat dry after washing it.
    • Hand wash only. Because wooden items are not dishwasher safe.
    • Wooden kitchenware needs to be properly seasoned, to ensure that the wood used in it is no longer liable to crack.
    • During the winter months, the heat in our homes actually draws moisture from the air and anything in the surrounding environment, such as your skin and the wood products in your home. To prevent cracking, the wood requires oiling to look healthy.
    • Do not place wooden kitchenware where there is direct sunlight such as the windows and close to heat sources.
    • Change positions from time-to-time to prevent the wood from fading out.
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