How to Clean & Maintain Iron Dosa Tawa

First things first… It is advisable to maintain a separate iron tawa for dosas and rotis/chapatis. 


One has to also remember that iron cookware can heat up quickly and retain heat in lesser time compared to cast iron. On occasions when the iron dosa tawa is left to overheat, it may lead the dosas to stick to the tawa. To avoid this, it is always recommended to use the iron tawa on a low or medium flame. 


Once you cross the initial apprehensions and understand the basic care and maintenance rules, iron tawa will turn out to be your most reliable cookware in your kitchen. For sure, it will replace any existing non stick tawa.


Tips for Cleaning Iron Dosa Tawa



1. Use a little diluted dishwashing liquid/soap for cleaning.


2. Clean gently with a soft sponge without removing the seasoning layer.  


3. Use a light coat of oil after drying. The nonstick surface keeps gradually improving with use and oiling. 


4. You can wipe out the pan with a paper towel - no washing at all - to find it clean as a whistle. The tawa will only require a little brush of oil on the surface, before you store it away. 



    5 Steps to Maintain Iron Tawa



    1.Once you are done using the iron dosa tawa, you can simply clean it with water. 

    2.It is not even necessary to wash the iron tawa with soap after every use. A damp cloth or tissue is enough to wipe off the food remains.

    3.Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the iron tawa surface to maintain its natural, non-sticky finish. This step helps prevent rusting. 

    4.Always treat your iron tawa with oil seasoning once in a while, even when you are not using it regularly. Re-seasoning will remove the dull, grey or rusty appearance. (This step applies to cast iron dosa tawa as well).

    5.Never leave your iron tawa soaked in water for too long. It will only attract rust.


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