How To Use Your New Triply Outer Lid Pressure Cooker?

If you have welcomed to your kitchen The Indus Valley’s Tri-ply Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, then WELL DONE! Using triply pressure cooker can be a great way to make delicious healthy meals quickly.

Entirely made of 3 layers of metals, this cooker supports even heat distribution and rapid cooking. In fact, it cooks food faster than aluminium cookers, plus preserves natural colours and flavours. More importantly, this Indus Valley cooker prevents loss of vitamins and minerals in steam.

It is the best alternative to aluminium cooker that leaches in food. No chemical coating and non-reactive nature! A cooker that’s built to last, it gives you triple safety assurance. Such that it is ISI and ISO 9001 certified. It comes with special safety features such as lead-free safety valve, controlled gasket release system and pressure locked safety lid; giving you utmost protection & convenience.




The excitement to use new cookware is understandable. But make sure to read the user manual thoroughly before you begin using your new triply rice cooker. It will provide you with important safety instructions and tips for using the pressure cooker correctly. Also, remember to wash the cooker body, lid and gasket before the first use.


How To Use Your New Indus Valley Tri-Ply Pressure Cooker?


The triply pressure cooker comes fully assembled and is ready for use. Here are some tips on how to use your new triply outer lid pressure cooker:



1.Fill your pressure cooker: Pour 1 cup of water into the tri-ply pressure cooker. Make sure the water does not touch the lid of pressure cooker.

2.Check cooker lid: Remove the pressure cooker whistle / vent weight from the lid and look through the vent tube. Ensure that it is clear.

3.Lock the lid: Check and adjust the seating of the gasket on the cooker lid. Make sure the lid is securely locked into place. Close cooker without whistle. Place it on high heat.

4.Placing the whistle: Once a continuous jet of steam comes out of the vent tube, place the cooker whistle on it. Press it down till it gets engaged with a click.

5.Wait for pressure: Once the cooker has reached full pressure, the weight valve will whistle. Now reduce the heat till the required cooking time.

6.Let the pressure cooker rest: After cooking is over, take the triply pressure cooker off the stove. Allow it cool naturally. Once the pressure has been released, it is safe to open the cooker.

7.Don’t make haste: Do not try to open the pressure cooker even if there is a little pressure inside. Make sure of this by slightly tilting the whistle. If the steam comes out, you must cool the cooker a little longer.

8.Opening the cooker: After the pressure has dropped completely, remove the whistle gently. Then open the lid of pressure cooker by turning its handle anti-clockwise.

9.Your cooker is ready: Wash the tri ply pressure cooker in soapy water. Remove the gasket, wash and hang it on a peg. Store the whistle after cleaning. Now your cooker is ready to cook delicious dishes.


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