How to Use Inner Lid Pressure Cooker



Kudos - if you have bought The Indus Valley’s Inner Lid Pressure Cooker with Triply Sandwich Bottom. It is elegantly crafted by blending all the ingredients which the brand stands for; making it one of the best steel cooker in India. It is 100% toxin-free, without any chemical coating, made only with healthy materials, ISI & ISO 9001 certified and is durable.

How to Use New Inner Lid Pressure Cooker from The Indus Valley



The Indus Valley’s Premium Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker with Triply Sandwich Bottom comes to you fully assembled. It is ready for use. Before you begin your cooking journey with the new cooker, remember to wash the body and lid of pressure cooker thoroughly. Following is a simple procedure - a steam test - that you can try to check how the cooker is working.

Here are a few cooking tips to follow during the first use:


1.Pour 1 cup of water into the inner lid pressure cooker. Remove vent weight from the cooker lid. Look through the vent tube; to make sure it is clear.

2.Check and adjust the locking of the pressure cooker lid. Close cooker without vent weight or pressure cooker whistle. Place the cooker on high heat.

3.After a few minutes, a continuous jet of steam will come out of the vent tube. Now place the weight valve on the vent tube and press it down till it gets engaged with a click.

4.Once the cooker has reached full pressure, the pressure cooker whistle will go off. Now reduce the heat till the required cooking time.

5.After cooking is over, take the cooker off the stove. Let it cool naturally. Never try to open a cooker even if there is a little pressure inside. Make sure of this by slightly tilting the weight valve. If the steam comes out, you must cool the pressure cooker a little longer.

6.After the pressure has dropped completely, remove the weight valve gently. Then open the pressure cooker lid by turning the lid handle anti-clockwise.

7.Wash your pressure cooker stainless steel in soapy water. Store the weight / pressure cooker whistle after cleaning.

Trust The Indus Valley to give you the best stainless steel pressure cooker because it is perfect for different cooking styles and making various Indian cuisines. In the inner lid stainless steel range there are various sizes to choose from. Bring home the best rice cooker that will take care of your family’s health as well as give you effortless cooking experience.

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