The Ultimate Guide about Cast Iron Cookware: The Indus Valley Healthy Cookware

Know everything about cast iron cookware - an healthier option than nonstick utensils!


Great choice on switching to healthy cookware! If you've decided to use cast iron, that's awesome! It's never too late to stop using nonstick kitchen products and find better options.


Most of the non-stick kitchen essentials, including induction utensils, are made of dangerous chemicals. These can not only harm us, animals and environment, but also stay in our body forever when consumed.


Understandably, non-stick cookware is a popular choice for many people because it is easy to use, lightweight and cheap. It also helps food cook smoothly without sticking to the surface, which makes cleaning up a breeze.


However, not many people know that it can be unsafe and dangerous for us. Find Here: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Non-stick Cookware. 

Despite this, most kitchens still have a non-stick cookware set because it is convenient and perfect for modern city living.


Know Which Cookware Is Better: Cast Iron Or Non-Stick.


On the other hand, cast iron cookware is healthier than non-stick pans because it's made of pure materials. Read: Why Cast Iron Is The Best Cooking Material For Health?


If you're curious about what cast iron is, what it's made of, or if it's good for your health, you're in the right place! Let's begin…


Simply put, cast iron is a type of metal that contains iron as its main ingredient, but it's not entirely made of iron.


It's named after the process used to make it, where iron ore is heated until it becomes liquid, poured into moulds, and allowed to harden. Carbon steels actually have more iron than cast iron!

Basically, cast iron is a type of metal that has more than 2% carbon, and usually contains small amounts of other metals like manganese and silicon. These extra metals help make different kinds of cast iron for different uses.


Click to find out more about What Is Cast Iron Made Of?



Cast iron cookware is made from natural materials, without any harmful chemicals or artificial coatings. So, it's safe for cooking, plus, good for our health.


Read: Why Cast Iron Cookware is The Best Cookware for Health?


 1. Cast iron cookware makes food tastier by adding a nice distinct flavour as well as authentic perfect texture.


For example, you can expect great results by using cast iron tawa for dosa - it will be crispier and tastier compared to the one made in nonstick tawa. 


2. Cast iron is strong and durable, and can be made into any shape or size without expensive machining. 


 3. Cast iron is also inexpensive, and can last a long time. 


 4. Cast iron cookware is a great choice for heavy-duty cooking, as it can withstand long cooking times. 


 5. It  distributes heat evenly and mainly, adds a small amount of iron to your food. Find out: Does Cooking With Cast Iron Help Anaemia?

    On another note… When it comes to healthy cooking, iron cookware is yet another amazing alternative to nonstick cookware. Find more Best Alternatives To Non-Stick Cookware.


    Like cast iron, Iron utensils are great for promoting good health and perfect for everyday cooking.


    Although cast iron and iron cookware have comparable benefits, there are some notable differences that set them apart from each other. Find out What Is Difference Between Iron And Cast Iron?





    1.Cast Iron Kadai:The Indus Valley kadhai is the best cast iron kadai online you will ever find! With its strong construction and superior performance, it's the best cast iron kadai in India.

    If you are looking for induction kadai, then choose flat based cast iron kadai. Because, the super smooth cast iron kadai or chinese kadai is suitable only for gas stove. 


    2. Cast Iron Tawa: Buy Indus Valley cast iron dosa tawa online to make your cooking experience even better! Read: Why Cast Iron Tawa Is Best For Making Dosa? 

    Also called dosa kal or kallu in south India, it's pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, so you won't have any problems with food sticking or burning.
    There are both induction tawa and concave roti tawa available. Choose the best dosa tawa option for you and order now! Also Read: Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Non Stick Tawa

    3. Cast Iron Frying Pan: You can now buy pre seasoned cast iron skillet at Indus Valley, which is a great option if you prefer natural-made cookware for healthy cooking.


    Most of the frying pans at The Indus Valley, including induction pans, are made of pure cast iron - which means these heavy-duty cast iron skillets can last for a very, very long time.


    Click to Know How To Fry Eggs Perfectly In Cast Iron Pan?

    Alternatively you can also check out cast iron combo that is very handy for day-to-day healthy cooking

    4. Cast Iron Grill Pan: Because of its pre-seasoned smooth finish, you can cook any kind of grilled snack effortlessly in this cast iron grill pan. Explore The Indus Valley website for choosing pan size and grill pan price that suits your needs. 

    5. Cast Iron Appam Pan: The Indus Valley cast iron appam pan makes appams with an authentic taste and perfect texture. 

    6. Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan: Cast iron kuzhi paniyaram pan from The Indus Valley gives you excellent, healthy cooking results apart from giving iron-rich paniyarams. Buy now and try a variety of lip smacking dishes with this paniyaram or appe pan. 

    7. Cast Iron Dutch Oven: The Dutch Oven is a versatile cooking pot with a lid that can also be used for cooking and serving. The cast iron dutch oven is especially good for simmering, boiling and slow-cooking dishes.

    8. Cast Iron Tadka PanWith The Indus Valley’s cast iron tadka pan you will not only add a distinct flavour to your food but also enrich it with iron content!

    9. Cast Iron Fish Fry PanYou can use the cast iron fish fry pan for cooking more than just fish. It is a versatile healthy cookware that can make a variety of dishes a breeze.



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    When you want to buy a new cast iron cookware, you might wonder: How do I buy it? What should I look for? What do I need it for?


    Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you'll know how to buy the right cast iron cookware for you.


    Read: Things To Consider Before You Buy Cast Iron Cookware. If you have already got one, then kudos for making the right switch. 




    The Indus Valley's cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, which makes it non-stick naturally. This means you can use new cast iron cookware without any issues like food sticking or burning.


    As a new user, you can find here a few simple steps as to How To Use Cast Iron Cookware For The First Time

    1. Caring for your cast iron cookware is essential to ensure it lasts a long time and performs well.


    2. After use, it's essential to clean it with warm water and a soft sponge or brush.


    3. Use gentle soap, to avoid stripping the seasoning and ruin the non-stick properties of the cookware.


    Read full article: A Complete Guide About Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware 



    Watch: How To Season Cast Iron Cookware 


    Unlike nonstick cookware, which has a fragile coating that wears off with regular use, cast iron cookware becomes better with time.


    On an important note, when using cast iron cookware, you will notice your food turning black. When first-time users see that their cast iron cookware is turning food black, they panic.


    But there is nothing to worry about. It is only because the cookware is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and so it leaves black residue. This oil actually is food-safe.


    With repeated usage this problem will go away. With daily use and seasoning, the cookware's natural non-stick surface becomes smoother, making it easier to cook with.


    One has to follow similar steps to clean a burnt cast iron pan along with easy home remedies. Finally, don’t forget to dry the cast iron cookware completely before storing it. 

    Read: How to Clean & Maintain Cast Iron Cookware?

    Additionally, it's essential to season your cast iron cookware every once in a
    while. This helps maintain the non-stick surface and prevents rusting. 


    To season your cast iron cookware, apply a thin layer of oil all over. Heat on a gas stove for 20 minutes or bake it in the oven for an hour or so.


    If you already have a cast iron cookware but it has rusted; then don’t worry. You can easily restore it with simple cleaning and seasoning steps.

    At The Indus Valley, you can choose from a list of must-have cast iron cookware that are really useful for day-to-day healthy cooking. 


    Some of the cast iron cookware are also induction friendly. Read: Why Is Cast Iron The Best Option For Induction Cooktop?


    Once you understand how to cook with it, you will surely love cooking with cast iron cookware everyday! Lots of people love The Indus Valley's cast iron cookware and have left great reviews!


    They're stoked about the high-quality materials and how well the cookware works. Plus, it's super easy to clean and take care of.


    Overall, cast iron cookware rocks at making an awesome impression and has tons of happy customers to prove it! Read: My experience of Owning a Cast Iron Cookware

    If you are looking more alternatives in toxin-free cookware, The Indus Valley offers a wide range of kitchenware that are made only with healthy materials. Find Out The Best Healthy Cookware For You




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