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Find out which healthy cookware range will suit your daily cooking needs.


It's important to understand that simply having a balanced diet and proper food habits may not be sufficient for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.


Along with being selective about the foods you eat and doing regular exercise to maintain fitness, it is crucial to also consider the quality of the kitchenware you use, even your masala box or cutting board.


These kitchen products play a role in enhancing one's daily life and overall well-being. So buy toxin-free kitchen essentials for healthy cooking


Choosing The Indus Valley's range of healthy cookware can make a significant difference in your cooking and overall health. Each cookware is crafted using premium quality food-grade materials without any chemical or artificial coatings - making it a healthier option for cooking and preparing meals.


By using The Indus Valley’s healthy kitchenware, you can rest assured that the food you prepare is free from harmful substances and retains its natural flavours and nutrients. Truly you can prepare healthy food for your family everyday. 

It is very important to prioritise your health and well-being by incorporating The Indus Valley's healthy cookware in your home cooking. From cast iron cookware to stainless steel pressure cookers, we offer a variety of options that are not only healthy but also long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.


Experience the difference in your cooking and overall well-being by choosing The Indus Valley's healthy kitchenware

So What Cooking Utensil Material Is Best For Health? 

You have come to the right place where we offer you a solution to healthy cooking. In this article, we will focus on the importance of using healthy cookware. We will discuss the disadvantages of non-stick cookware and recommend the best materials for cooking that promote healthy eating.

While non-stick cookware is visually appealing and convenient to use, it comes with a dark side. Most non-stick cooking essentials have a Teflon coating containing harmful chemicals, including PFAS.


These chemicals remain in our bodies permanently, leading to an increased risk of cancer, according to medical experts. Moreover, when discarded, they damage the environment since they take forever to decompose. That is why it is important to adopt healthy cooking rituals for a healthy lifestyle

The Indus Valley offers multiple alternatives to nonstick cookware that are not only healthy but also durable and attractive. By choosing healthy kitchenware, you can protect your health and the environment.

For those you don’t know yet; using Teflon kitchen utensils, when exposed to high heat, release odourless and invisible gases that are harmful to living beings, including pets. This means that nonstick cookware or even non-stick spatulas may appear harmless but are dangerous to our health and the environment.


While it may not be possible to stop using nonstick cookware immediately, we can take steps to use it safely.

In order to adopt healthy eating, the first step is to switch to natural cookware or safer kitchenware. Stop using toxin-coated cooking products including non-stick induction utensils.


The Indus Valley offers a wide range of toxin-free cookware that meets your daily cooking needs while prioritising your health and safety. By making this small change, you can protect your health and the environment without compromising your cooking experience.

The Indus Valley Has The Best Cookware for Health!

To relish real healthy food everyday, the best cooking utensils are the ones which don’t have chemical or artificial coatings. Since they are built with premium food-grade materials, they are totally food-safe as well as health-friendly.


As India’s No.1 healthy cookwareware brand, The Indus Valley has different beautiful choices in toxin-free cookware that are truly healthier than non-stick products.

Cast Iron Cookware

If you're looking for a healthy alternative to chemical-coated cookware, cast iron cookware is a great choice. Research shows that cooking with cast iron cookware releases iron into your food. This is beneficial for good health, especially for fighting iron deficiency. The amount of iron transferred is just right for a healthy person. 

In addition to its health benefits, cast iron cookware enhances the flavour of your dishes, adding a unique taste. Cast iron cookware is also great at evenly distributing and retaining heat, which makes cooking a lot easier. Thus you get only healthy food for sure! There are many delicious and easy healthy recipes that you can try in cast iron cookware

What is Cast Iron?

Basically, cast iron is an alloy made of iron and carbon, with over 2% of carbon content. The primary materials used to make cast iron are pig iron (95%), magnesium, capsaicin, limestone, carbon, and scrap, which are usually leftover pieces from rejected cookware. 

At The Indus Valley, you can choose from a list of must-have cast iron cookware that are really useful for day-to-day healthy cooking. Some of the cast iron cookware are also induction friendly. Once you understand how to cook with it, you will surely love cooking with cast iron cookware everyday!

Iron Cookware


Like cast iron utensils, iron cookware has multiple benefits including health wise and for daily cooking. Both cast iron and sheet iron cookware share almost the same features as well as health benefits. But, iron cookware is comparatively lighter than the cast iron cookware. 

What is iron?


Iron is a chemical element represented by the symbol Fe and is found on Earth's core and crust. It is used for making various cooking utensils like iron kadai, iron fry pan, iron tawa, etc.


Additionally, iron is also used in other applications such as buildings, structures, steel production, machine and tool making, and decorative uses like railings and gates.

What is the difference between iron and cast iron cookware?


Iron cookware and cast iron cookware are both made of iron, but they differ in their manufacturing process. Iron cookware is made by melting iron into a mould, while cast iron cookware is made by melting iron with additional carbon and pouring it into a mould.


The added carbon gives cast iron cookware its distinct qualities of being more durable, heavier, and better at heat retention and distribution than regular iron cookware.


There are different types of iron cookware that you can choose from at The Indus Valley. Pick one or any iron cookware combo that is helpful for your everyday cooking. 

The Indus Valley Tri Ply Stainless Steel Cookware


The Indus Valley’s tri-ply stainless steel cookware follows cast iron and iron cookware, in regards to healthy cooking. It is the best in terms of health and convenience.


Nonstick cookware has a chemical coating that can create health problems. Whereas, low quality cheap stainless steel utensils can leach into food that can harm your health.


For toxin-free cooking, The Indus Valley’s Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware is 100% healthy compared to single layered steel cookware. And unlike nonstick cookware, tri ply cookware has 0% chemical coating. So you can effortlessly cook healthy without any worry. 

Made of 3 layers of metals, The Indus Valley’s premium quality food grade stainless steel cookware enables even heating and fast cooking. Plus it helps in preserving 85% of nutrients!


Having super strong construction, it is rust and scratch resistant and is quite durable for lifelong toxin-free cooking.  

Stop using low quality stainless steel non-stick cookware. Instead choose The Indus Valley tri ply stainless steel pan! The superior quality stainless steel cookware is the best choice for cooking your family meals. 


The Indus Valley Premium Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Apart from above-mentioned natural-material cooking pots and stainless steel induction pans, The Indus Valley offers multiple stainless steel pressure cookers. You can choose from:


1. Premium Triply Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker 1.5 litre/3 litre/5 litre


2. Premium Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker with Triply Sandwich Bottom - 3/5Litre

3. Triply Stainless Steel Wide and Deep Pan Pressure Cooker with Induction Base - 2.5/3.5 litre


    Each of them is assured to be the best cooker in India. For, they are a healthier alternative to aluminium cookers. The Indus Valley pressure cookers are non-reactive and do not leach into food. Below are multiple benefits of stainless steel pressure cooker:

    So, if you want the best pressure cooker in India, then The Indus Valley has got you covered. Visit website for pressure cooker combo offer including 3 litre cooker and 5 litre cooker or any other choice with cooker price that you want.


    Embrace healthy cooking rituals by buying the best rice cooker in India that is toxin-free. Check out the website to get the best pressure cooker price or combo for your family size. 


    More Alternatives in Best Cooking Material for Health



    In the category of natural cookware, copperware is another best alternative to replace non-stick or plastic kitchen essentials. Copper vessels help in achieving a healthy lifestyle as it releases some amount of copper in food/water.


    At The Indus Valley, you have multiple choices in copperware in terms of food serving:


    1. Copper Serving Bowl with steel lining


    2. Copper dinner set - includes plate, bowls and spoon


      Also, explore website to get the best copper drinkware to stay hydrated in a healthy way. 

      Wooden Kitchenware:

      Indus Valley offers a wide range of aesthetic wooden utensils for cooking: 


      1. Chopping boards - You will love seeing different choices here. Like mango wooden chopping boards, bamboo wood vegetable cutting board, pine wood chopping board & more.


      2. Wooden spoon set - There are beautiful spoons available in wood. Like, wooden masala spoons, salad serving spoon, neem wood kids spoons and more.


      3. Wooden spatula - Choose from different types of wooden spoons for cooking such as neem wood spatulas and ladles. 

      4. Ceramic Glazed Mango Wood Bowl

      5. Wooden spice box or masala box


        6. Clay/ Brass & Bronze

        If you love rustic or traditional cookware for cooking or decor, then The Indus Valley has a variety of elegant kitchen items in clay, brass and bronze. That includes bronze puttu maker, terracotta water bottle, bronze uruli, bronze kadai and more.


        Before shopping your favourite healthy cookware, remember that each of the kitchenware ranges is different. Each comes with its own purpose.


        Hope The Indus Valley cookware guide helps you to pick the right option and helps you to embrace a healthy cooking ritual. What’s more is that these healthy kitchen essentials are good choice for gifting as well. 

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