Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Healthy & Unique Gifts for Moms

Among some of the toughest decisions in the world, deciding what to gift a person is undoubtedly one. To make it specifically harder, Mother’s Day is around the corner😭.


You might be juggling among 10 different products on your online shopping cart, 5 different customised gift options, or simply gift cards or coupons. The pressure to find something meaningful, thoughtful, and fitting for their personality can feel overwhelming.

Imagine; you’re casually trying to talk to her to find out what will impress her the most. You carefully plan your words so she wouldn't get a hint- and your mother would hit you with the famous dialogue “I just want to spend some quality time with you all,” and we’re not surprised.

We understand the importance of selecting the perfect gift for mothers to express your love and appreciation; The mother who gives us cut fruits and takes care of our gut health🥺

Does she:

- Obsessively clean and take pride in her sparkling kitchen?
- Patiently await compliments with gleaming eyes as you try her newest dish?
- Or juggle kitchen work like a pro?


    Then fear not! If your mother aka superwoman loves cooking as much as we all love eating, we've got you covered! So, take the stress out of gift-giving and let us help you find thoughtful Mother's Day gifts that will brighten up her day!

    This blog post will further introduce different ranges of kitchenware products that make the perfect gift for your most favourite person in the world. So order from us and relax while we handle the rest!

    What's better than cookware that is:

    - Classy and stylish,
    - Toxin-free,
    - Healthy,
    - Convenient to use,
    - Reasonably priced?

      Maybe the drool-worthy dishes that you can prepare with them!

      The Indus Valley's cookware ranges fulfil all the above points! So, let’s dive into the products!

      Cast Iron and Iron Cookware


      Cast iron cookware is the healthiest, sturdiest, and longest-lasting to ever exist on this planet. We will need a whole separate blog post to fit all the benefits of iron and cast iron cookware, but that's for another day.


      Similarly, sheet iron cookware is another great gifting idea. The Indus Valley’s iron cookware is durable, affordable and known for its ability to evenly distribute heat, making it ideal for cooking many dishes. In fact, iron utensils are loved by both home and professional chefs because of its lightweight, durability and convenience.


      The most important feature of cast iron and iron cookware is that they are 100% safe. Do you know what that means? Unlike Non-stick cookware, they do not have any harmful chemical coating whatsoever! They add iron to the food in small amounts that balance the haemoglobin level in our body. Additionally, the iron also enhances the flavour by giving it a distinct taste that is impossible to achieve in any other cookware range. It’s already her favourite!

      The Indus Valley’s cast iron cookware is incredibly versatile and can be used for various cooking methods, including frying, sautéing, baking, and even grilling. It can be used on stovetops, in ovens, over campfires, and even on grills. Now she will wonder, where can it not be used?!



      Each piece is carefully crafted to handle everyday cooking with ease, so anybody can rely on it for years to come without worrying about wear and tear. Your great-great-grandchildren can use it too! These beauties are built to last!😎

      WATCH: Why Chose The Indus Valley’s Cast Iron Over Non-stick Cookware?

      This range has one that covers any needs - the cast iron tawa for crispy dosas, flakey parathas, and omelettes, the cast iron kadai and skillet for curries and gravies, samosas, chilli garlic noodles, fried snacks and more!

      Don’t miss out to check our two-in-one griddle pan, featuring a grill surface on one side and a flat surface on the other. That's right – she can whip up dosas and grill cheese sandwiches both in one pan! We know your mother will fall in love with this marvel 😉

      But don’t stop here! Explore more to find cast iron appam pans, cast iron uttapam tawas, and kuzhi paniyaram pans!

      Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

      The long hisses of pressure cookers, implying that our food is almost ready; the aroma coming from it keeps us going back and forth from the kitchen to check if it's time to eat yet! Feels like home! 🏠

      These unsung superheroes have been ruling our kitchens for a long time with their unique pressure cooking method. The high pressure formed increases the boiling point of the water and cooks your food rapidly. The magic of science is astounding when a pressure cooker can cut down cooking time in half while also preserving essential nutrients!

      The Indus Valley’s stainless steel pressure cookers, being made from food-grade stainless steel, do not react with food whatsoever! These are not your basic aluminium pressure cookers that pose health risks when used for a long time. Poor quality aluminium cookers might leach into your food and cause harm to your health.

      Our pressure cookers are not just safe for your health, they also have a unique tri-ply construction that ensures faster and even cooking. Now your mother can cook up a storm without breaking a sweat, thanks to our triply pressure cookers!

      We have a wide range of pressure cookers each catering to a different criteria. Inner and outer lids, multiple sizes, different tri-ply fittings each fulfilling a different need! Click here to find the pressure cooker that your mom will love the most!

      Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware

      From the smallest tadka pans to the biggest stockpot, there definitely is a triply vessel for every need! Made from superior quality stainless steel, you can gift your mother toxin-free tri-ply cookware that promises amazing dishes every use!


      This range of cookware is thoughtfully crafted to eliminate even the smallest issue that one endures while cooking. The triple layer construction conducts heat evenly throughout the vessel, because of which food is cooked faster and won’t stick to it! That means washing them is a piece of cake!

      The Indus Valley’s triply stainless steel cookware covers a variety of kadais, fry pans, saucepans, casseroles, and more; starting from a capacity that holds as small as 1.5 to even 6.5 litres!

      It has a natural non-stick surface that can be achieved with a quick hack. Heating your pan for a few minutes until water droplets when splashed get beady and slippery can indicate that it’s ready for cooking.

      Now you can happily ditch your non-stick cookware that is coated with harmful chemicals! You can pick anything from this range and it will happen to be the perfect gift for your mother!

      The newest launch is our Tri-steel stainless steel cookware range with attractive green knobs and handles. This range has a triply at the bottom for even heating and quick cooking. If you’re looking for an affordable range, then this is it!

      Don’t forget to check out the Stainless Steel Multi Pot that comes with 5 different plates to steam idlis, vegetables, momos, dhoklas, dumplings, idiyappam and more. Perfect for your multitasking mompreneur! 🥰

      Premium Quality Drinkware & Wooden Kitchen Essentials 

      Our exclusive range of premium quality drinkware don’t just look stunning, they are toxin-free too! They are made from 100% food safe materials that don’t compromise on your health. They are spill-proof and durable so your mom can take it anywhere she wants!

      We have a variety of options including, stainless steel water bottles and vacuum insulated flasks, and copper bottles. Any bottle that you choose is BPA free, and a perfect add on gift! 🤩



      Do you still miss a small piece of a puzzle? Finish it with our genuine kitchen accessories for the loveliest gift bundle! Our wooden cooking essentials are made of pure neem wood and bamboo wood that does not grow mould in moist conditions. We have beautiful wooden chopping boards, wooden masala spoons, wooden bowls, wooden ladles, and spatulas that would add a quaint look to her kitchen. Because extra is always better!

      We hope we helped you narrow down your choices to less than 5. Our wide range of toxin-free kitchenware offers practical and heartfelt options which are the best gift options for every culinary enthusiast because we make it with love and care for you! Visit our website for special mother’s day sale. Exciting offers ahead!

      Now your mom will change her phone password to your birthdate! 😜

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