Things You Need to Make Perfect Dosas

Don’t you like to have a tasty, crispy dosa…? 

Being Indians, we all love to have dosa. Well, most of us do..! Dosa is considered to be one of the best and tastiest foods around the world. But don’t you wanna know about the secret behind this taste?


Yes, Tawa is the real hero behind the crispy dosa story. We all know that tawa is common cookware to be found in every household in India. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some are made out of iron and some are non-stick tawas. But most of us don’t know to find the perfect Tawa.

The non-stick pans or other unhealthy tawa available in the market are not good cookware to be used in your kitchen. We all want tasty meals, but are we aware of the importance of being healthy? Yes, health is the most important factor when it comes to food choice.

Well, we introduce you to the right tawa to cook your tasty, crispy dosa. Cast iron tawa from The Indus Valley is your right choice for healthy cooking. Our dosa tawa does not only cook dosa to its perfection but is also healthy. The cast iron tawa comes with a handle that helps you to hold it comfortably. This helps in easy and safe cooking.

How to cook a perfect dosa?

Take a look at our tawa combo and we are sure you will want to have one. The cast iron tawa comes with a wooden flip and a wooden stirrer. Wow, that’s a good deal..! Now, you can cook a perfect dosa..!

Cast Iron Dosa Tawa with Handle

The wooden flip and stirrer are made up of neem wood. Neem wood is anti-microbial and has the property of blocking the growth of bacteria. Now you can have a clean, fresh and hygienic kitchen!

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How To Clean Cast Iron Tawa And Wooden Spatulas?

Let’s look at the process of cleaning your cast iron tawa and wooden ladles.

Cast iron Tawa 

Once you have finished cooking with your cast iron cookware, clean it immediately. Do not leave it in the sink for so long. This prevents rusting of iron.

3 Easy Cleaning Steps

1. Use warm water and a mild sponge to clean the pan.

2. A dish-washing liquid is sufficient to wash off the food remains.

3. Once it is clean, dry the cookware completely.

    How to do Seasoning for Cast Iron Tawa?

    1. Apply some vegetable oil to the pan and place it on the stove for 5 minutes under medium flame.

    2. After 5 minutes, switch off the gas and let it cool down completely.

    3. Now, wipe away the excess oil if any, and store it in a dry place.

      How To Do Deep Cleaning Of Cast Iron Cookware?

      1. Pour some cold water on your vessel and use a mild sponge to rub the stains on it.

      2. Use a dish-washing liquid rather than your regular soap to create some lather and rub again. By this time, your vessel should be clean to some extent.

      3. If you still see some remains, then use some rock salt as a scrubber and then wash it off. You should have a clean pan now.

        Steps to Clean Wooden Spatulas

        1. Hand wash spoons with mild soap and warm water. 

        2. Dry with a towel instead of letting them air dry, as residual moisture may be absorbed into the wood and cause them to swell and crack over time. 
        Condition it with butter or mineral oil once a month to keep it smooth and shiny. 

          3. Visit the following links to know more about the use and care of cast-iron cookware and wooden spatulas.

          Wooden Ladles

          Cast iron cookware: 

          Wooden spatulas: 

          Get our tawa combo to make your cooking interesting and healthy. The Indus Valley provides you with the right choices in terms of design and quality. We are focused on delivering the best to our customers.

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