Importance of Copper in our lifestyle

Recently, people have been raving about copper bottles. If one of your resolutions for 2020 is to drink more water or perhaps use less plastic, you might well think to purchase a reusable water bottle of Copper. 

But the question is Why to use Copper Bottles.  


In ancient civilisation times, Copper was one of the few metals that people discovered for storage purposes. They created Copper pots and glasses to keep water since they found out that the storage water in copper cookwares remain fresh for a more extended period. 

As time passed by, they got to know the hidden attributes of Cu-ion fused water. Copper became one of the essential minerals since it is necessary to human health and also a powerful metal capable of killing harmful microbes. 

Copper is a vital mineral that’s crucial to human health and well being. It assists in reducing inflammation, and improves brain function, increases iron absorption, and helps in weight reduction, slows ageing, combats cancer and keeps a healthy heart.

Ayurveda has recommended drinking water stored in copper vessels. Keeping water overnight in a copper container and consuming in the morning as a first thing will preserve good health. Copper has electromagnetic energy that’s called Prana Shakti.

Many studies found that storing water in a copper vessel acts as natural purification of water. Copper ions dissolve into the water in tiny quantities, called the Oligodynamic effect. It can kill all of the germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi within the water, which could be bad for the human body and create the water suitable for drinking. It also balances the pH level of the water keeping the rate of probiotics in our digestion system in check. 


Remember that it is not recommended to drink water stored in copper vessels all through the year. 

As soon as you start drinking water from a copper vessel, you can drink for three months and then have a break for one month. Following a one month break, you can again start drinking water from a copper bottle for the next three months.

This provides our body some time to eliminate any surplus copper ions deposited in our entire body. The human body has an inbuilt mechanism of removing surplus deposits. 

Please, avoid storing any acidic liquid (Citrus foods, etc.) in the copper bottles. It would be best if you always used a copper bottle only to keep plain water from it. 

The Indus Valley serves people with copper bottles for the well being and healthy lifestyle of the people. Choose a copper bottle today for sustainable, eco-friendly, healthy living!

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