Plastic Water Bottles The Silent Killer

I bet you will not be thirsty after reading this article. Read on if you are brave…

Water is essential to all life forms on earth. There is so much we know about Water: how to extract it, how to clean it, how to consume it.

The list is endless. This is about how we store it.  We generally use plastic bottles. They maybe cheap but are you aware of the fact that they are slow poisons??

Here are 4 reasons why Plastic water bottles are killing us slowly but surely:

1. Even BPA-free Plastic Water Bottles contain toxins

We often hear the horrors of BPA in plastic, thus modern age companies are increasingly using BPA-free plastic. But it has other harmful chemicals that attack your water when it is exposed to heat. This is linked to cancer and other immune disorders. Why experiment with your body?

BPA Free Plastic water bottles

2. Chemicals in Plastic can Disfigure Genitals

Yeah, you heard that right!

DiNP is commonly found in plastics, it is found to hinder the development of genitals in baby boys. Keep your children away from plastic water bottles!

Disfigure Genetils

3. Chemicals in Plastic Kills Female Libido

Phthalates used in plastic are linked to low libido in women. We are already exposed to plastics of all kinds in your car, daily household items and so on. The key is to avoid it in food and water containers.

Kills Female Libido

4. BPA in Plastic causes Hormonal Imbalance

BPA is very similar to estrogen. It enters the body via the water from plastic water bottles and throws off normal hormonal balance. In long-term exposure, it is found to cause breast cancer and poor brain development in children.

Hormonal Imbalance

It is not too late, switch to safer water bottle alternatives like clay, copper, glass or even stainless steel.

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