CLAYTURE - Product Launch

The Tibetan bell chimed multiple times and applause filled the entire office space. It was the culmination of days of relentless planning & preparation, as another set of new products was being launched by the New Product Development team at the Indus Valley.

Join us in welcoming our range of clay cookware - Clayture. Check them out here - The Indus Valley Clay Cookware - Clayture. It is Certified Lead & Heavy Metal Free, Microwave & OTG Safe, enriches flavor and Regulates pH.


Product Development, is a complex process. It requires patience, creativity, co-ordination & above all a good grasp of the customer's pulse. At the Indus Valley, the entire process starts with the identification of market gap.

Once the market gap has been fully identified, New Product Development team commences the task of zeroing in on the features envisaged in the product.

Design phase comes next, with careful thoughts going behind ensuring the right ingredients for a perfect finish. We prototype these deigns with vendors are put into action & test it. This helps us build products of finest quality.

We are really into product testing. Our products are put to stringent tests to detect harmful substances, usability, etc. Even the food cooked on the newly launched products are checked for its nutrient retention capabilities before sending the prototype to production.

As the Senior Designer at The Indus Valley, Adithan Baalaji puts it,

“It gives a sense of joy & elation to see ones designs bringing smiles on scores of customers across the country.”

One can say, this sense of customer centricity has been the mojo behind the success story of TIV so far. Though mostly downplayed, the silent motto of its Product Development team has been to focus solely on quality and utility to the customer.

Customers too kind with their praises about the new products launched by the team. One of the most frequent buyers of The Indus Valley, Subajayanthi says,

“Bronze cookware was a piece of art. I treasure it so much that, I don’t even allow my cook to use it.”

Uninterrupted customer interaction too plays a major part in receiving such rave reviews.

We love kitchenware and obsess on how it can make your life better. With a long pipe-line of future launch projects, we are excited to continue this tasty journey.


Cookware as safe as home food.

The utensils you use matters as much as the ingredients. You deserve only clean, natural and non-toxic cookware. We get deep into the science of cookware to make it safe for your family!


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