The Bottle Combat: Plastic bottle VS Copper bottle

Greener Earth…..!

We do desire a greener, pollution-free earth…Yeah, it’s our dream..! But, is it possible with the polluted environment around us?

No….!  Not at all, with the most common and dangerous pollutant plastic. Most of us use plastic bottles to carry and store water. But we don’t think about the adverse effect it has on us.

Plastic is responsible for most of the dangerous diseases that kill millions these days……. So how do we stop it…..?

Here is a suggestion that can be a genuine alternative … Copper!!!!

Of course, we know copper is good metal and also a healthy option. Copper bottles from The Indus Valley can be used to carry or store water instead of plastic bottles.

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Plastic or Copper …..?


Plastic bottles can cause deadly diseases like cancer, skin diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, reproductive issues, liver dysfunction, and many other chronic health issues.

It releases plastic fibers that are too dangerous. They are responsible for many of the genetically modified diseases which are incurable for generations. You don’t want your loved ones to live such a terrible life…..

Copper bottles help in adding copper to our body. It is known to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in improving immunity and helps with better digestion. It helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

So, what is your choice??


Plastic bottles are not as hard as copper. They are deformable. They can break under high pressure. They wear off by daily usage. They become weak and the strength reduces on continuous usage.

Copper bottles are hard and can last for longer without deformation. It remains the same at all temperatures, unlike plastic bottles. Because of its stability, it can be used for a longer period of time.

Why purchase low-quality products…! Think Smart…!

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Heat bearing capacity:

Plastic bottles can melt at high temperatures. They heat up and change properties. This leads to the release of hazardous substances that are harmful to consume. Plastic bottles can burn when exposed to fire. This causes them to change their shape.

Nobody likes to keep a deformed bottle….!

When plastic bottles are used to store hot water, it melts gradually and leads to the intake of plastic microparticles through the water. Now that’s hazardous….!

Copper water bottles from The Indus Valley have a high heat-bearing capacity. They don’t melt at high temperatures. They can withstand high temperatures and hence remain strong. It can last in good shape for a very long time.


Plastic bottles need to be replaced often. This increases the spending done on it. A good amount of money is spent on it in the long run. It’s not a cost-effective solution, is it?

Copper bottles are comparatively more expensive than plastic bottles. But they can last longer. These bottles can be used for years. Proper maintenance helps them last for generations. Hence no need for repetitive purchases.

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Plastics are recyclable, but not all kinds…..!  Wonder why??

This is because they are of different proportions and compositions. It’s difficult and expensive to separate all plastics based on color and composition. It pollutes the earth when trashed out thereby causing problems to all living beings. Not only human beings……..!  

Copper bottles do not make waste. They can be reused, as it is completely made of copper. Even when they are trashed they do not pollute the environment as much as plastic does. Hence they can be a better choice than plastics.

A good suggestion for you….!

The Indus Valley provides a variety of products that are poison free and natural. They make no pollution and hence can be trusted in saving us from dangerous materials like plastics. Copper bottles with different capacities from The Indus Valley can be used based on the needs. Let’s contribute to our mother earth by choosing wisely……!

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