TOP 5 Benefits of Neem Wooden Combs

Happiness is a good hair day!

Quite literally! We feel very happy and satisfied when we start our day with hair in perfect shape. But our modern way of living makes us spend very little to no time towards taking care of ourselfs.

One of the important things people notice about us is our hair and a little care from our side for maintaining the hair everyday will do us a world of good.

Following are the common problems people face with respect to hair:

1. Frizzy hair

2. Hair loss

3. Dandruff

4. Slow hair growth

    BUT, how do we tackle this? Luckily for us changing our combs will help us maintaining our hair.

    TOP 5 Benefits of Neem Wooden Combs

    are an answer to help in tackling these problems. Neem combs have these major benefits:

    1. Not Static

    Combing with plastic or metal combs tend to make hair stiff and frizzy. This concept is called Static electricity.  Neem does not generate static electricity hence keeping your hair intact.

    2. Dandruff

    Plastic/metal combs are susceptible to fungal infection, whereas neem wood doesn’t allow fungal growth. Getting rid of this fungal growth will lead to reduction in dandruff.

    3. Gentle on your hair

    Plastic and metal combs  have pointed edges and  have sharp tooth. Regular usage can cause damages to your scalp thereby leading to hair loss.  Wooden combs are generally soft and are very gentle on your hair.

    4. Friendly on your Scalp

    Dandruff and damaged hair conditions are worsened due to dirt and unwanted particles settling in hair. Prolonged exposure of such conditions to hair increases oil secretion and closing up pores. Wooden combs aids in removing such unwanted particles thereby opening up pores and allowing scalp to breathe.

    5. Environment friendly

    Neem wood combs are environment friendly as well. They are completely bio-degradable.


    • Cleaning: When using wooden combs, clean them regularly. Do not soak in water or liquid solution for a long time.

    • Usage: Daily usage is recommended for maintaining a smooth, silky, long hair.
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