Benefits Of Sheesham Wood

What’s Sheesham wood?

Sheesham wood is likewise known as Dalbergia Sisso, a deciduous tree, referred to as Sheesham within the Indian subcontinent. it’s miles grown throughout the length and breadth of the sub-Himalayan region, extending from Assam inside the east to River Indus. those forests go all the way across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Assam.

Right here, it’s far acknowledged by various names, like Sheesham, Shishan, Shisham, Sissoo, or Sisu.

It is the state tree of the Indian state of Punjab where this wooden ranks No. 2 after teak in the length of cultivation. It has various packages aside from providing wood, which include being planted on roadsides and on tea plantations for shade and along canals.

This tree generally grows alongside riverbanks below an elevation of 900 meters however can cross up to at least 1,300 m.

It grows pleasant in temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C. It can resist an average yearly rainfall of most of 2,000 mm and droughts not exceeding three to 4 months. Sheesham grows in pure sand and gravel and rich soil of riverbanks and can also flourish in barely salty soils.


Sheesham wood ranges from being golden brown to a darkish brown or chestnut color with darker streaks that supply this wood a rich and lustrous look.

The wood is sturdy and difficult with an instant grain, although it could also be determined to be interlocked. Its ranges tiers from medium to coarse with a herbal luster.

Benefits of Sheesham Wood:

1. It has an innate resistance to decay and is famous for woodcarving and for engraving items in India.

2. Sheesham wood neither warps nor splits, so it is pretty used for making shelves and different kitchenware products.

3. Sheesham wood is a relatively durable wood and gives terrific resistance to dry-wood termites.

4. Due to its durability slicing and sawing might be a big undertaking, however, it’s far best for turnery.

5. It shines during polishing and has smooth ends.

6. The grain is so nicely described that every piece of Sheesham bowl regularly has its personal unique coloration. This wood accepts hand waxing which gives it a smooth layer.

7. Sheesham wood has packages in marine and aircraft plywood, as charcoal for cooking and heating food, carrying goods, and for carving and engraving.
it’s also used for making doors and home windows, while its root wood is regularly used for making tobacco pipes.

8. Sheesham wood accepts great polish and offers an easy finish and luster.

    Characteristics of Sheesham Wood

    1. Sheesham wooden or Indian Rosewood is located in a large part of India, but additionally in Pakistan and Nepal.

    2. Sheesham trees have a life of twenty-two years at some stage in which period they attain a top of 30 meters.

    3. Their diameter is a maximum of 1.5 meters and they are acknowledged to provide heavy and dense wood.

    4. The power of the Sheesham wood of these bushes is super and exceptional, rendering it the obvious preference for top-notch wood.

    5. Once polished, the wood indicates up a smooth and extraordinarily attractive surface. Its grain makes every piece of bowl sincerely specific and tremendously sought-after.

    In conclusion

    Sheesham wood has received global interest as excellent exceptional wood for furnishings, including kitchenware. that is because its wood may be very long-lasting and lasts generations. it’s also decay-resistant. Its heartwood is very long-lasting and is especially proof against dry-wood termites, but it is prone to wooden dull beetles.


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