Benefits of using Wooden Spatula for Cooking

Cooking Spatula is one of the important culinary tools in the kitchen. No matter what type of material it is made of, what is its size or shape; the spatulas are commonly used for mixing food or picking and transferring food.

Whether it is a typical desi kitchen or ultra-modern kitchen somewhere in the West, the spatula is an integral part of every cooking radar.

Through this article, we would like to share the importance of using a natural spatula and the benefits of a wooden spatula for cooking

Wooden Spatulas in Kitchen Table
Wooden spatula

Before going to the main topic, here are a few things you should know about this humble kitchen equipment.

While we have already covered what is a spatula and what are spatulas used for, do you know the origin of the word? Well, it is derived from ‘spathe’, a Latin word, meaning a sword with a broad blade. Whereas, it was in 1525 the word ‘spatula’ entered the English vocabulary. 

So what are the types of spatula, the ones who are new to the kitchen area may ask.

Basically, there are 3 types of cooking spatulas – flippers or turners, scrapers and spreaders – which individually have further varieties. Namely, grill spatula or BBQ spatula, roti or dosa spatula, fish spatula, saute spatula, cake spatula, salad server, stirrer and scoop to name a few.

Spatulas come in different materials such as metal, wood, silicone, rubber and plastic. Phew! Truly a ‘spatulacular’ variety! 

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Types of spatula

Wondering why are there so many kinds of spatulas? The answer is obvious – there are diverse cuisines and different food preparing procedures. Say; stirring, blending, sieving, serving or transferring food, scooping, smashing, spreading and so on.

Having a suitable tool will make the cooking process easy, effective and eventually, churn out a perfect dish. Ideally, using a long spatula for cooking is good and comfortable. 

Choosing the right type of cooking spatula, depends upon the dish that one is preparing. For instance, some spatulas have slits or holes in the blade, which are suitable for frying or grilling, something that will drain off excess oil.

Now that answers the question as to why do spatulas have slots. Some have solid surfaces or slightly concave blades, (called spatula spoons), which are good for stirring, lifting food or spreading.

Choose a spatula that is comfortable to hold and matches your recipe. 

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Reasons for choosing 
wooden spatula for cooking 

In most kitchens these days, it is very common to find plastic spatulas since it is cheap, very light in weight, easy to handle and wash. In our opinion, choosing wooden spatulas for cooking is the best.

It is a safer and healthier option when compared to plastic, nylon or silicone ones. Need more reasons? Then read on:

1, A wooden spatula is gentle by its nature – meaning, it won’t leave any scratch on your utensils. 

2. Since it is strong and durable, the wooden spatula will have a longer shelf life. 

3. With wooden spatula, one doesn’t have to worry about burning their hands while cooking, because it is heat resistant. 

4. Wooden spatula has the tendency to enhance the taste of your dish. Plus, going with its therapeutic values, wooden spatula can prove to be a hygienic option.

5. There are chances of plastic spatulas releasing toxic chemicals in the food, especially the low-quality and cheap ones. But with wooden spatula there is no such worry. Instead, it will only retain the true flavour of the dish. 

6. Plastic spatula is harmful to the environment and thus, it is a challenge when it comes to disposing of it. Wooden spatula, on the other hand, is naturally eco-friendly, besides being sustainable. 

7. Last but not the least – Wooden spatulas are elegant and have an impressive visual appeal. So when you have guests or even your own family to impress, wooden spatulas will add a natural charm to the dining table and food presentations. 

    Using a wooden spatula for cooking is thus beneficial, no doubt. Coming to its care and maintenance part, there are certain things that one needs to consider for keeping it in a good condition for a long time. Regular cleaning of your wooden spatula is essential to keep it hygienic, especially fungus-free. 

    Steps to clean your spatula

    Every new spatula is usually accompanied by an instruction manual that explains the cleaning procedure in detail. Since dishwashers are very much in vogue these days, spatulas now are made dishwasher friendly.

    However, one is advised to double-check before putting their wooden spatula in the dishwasher. Because spatulas are sometimes either made of bamboo or wood.

    Such material-type spatula would generally demand an extra care than the common ones. Here we have some tips on how to take care of such types of spatulas. 

    1. Wooden or bamboo spatulas must not be left in water for long; else they will lose their charm and get weak. Putting them in the dishwasher too is generally not recommended. 

    2. Always gently wash the spatula with warm water and mild detergent. Let it dry completely before storing them away. Damp spatula will attract bacteria and storing so, might lead to formation of fungus as well. 

    3. It is advisable to clean the spatula immediately after use. Any leftover food that is left to dry on the spatula will be difficult to clean later. 

    4. Owing to regular use, the wooden spatula may have stains or can smell. For this, make a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid/detergent and baking soda. Clean the spatula with this. 

    5. To enhance the spatula’s surface and charm, apply olive/mineral oil once in a month. 

    6. Alternatively, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean special spatulas. It will be helpful in sanitizing the spatulas. 

      Which spatula is the best?

      So far, one would have understood that the cooking spatula turns out to be a must-have tool for kitchens. While there are different spatula types, one must give enough thought to the material a cooking spatula is made of.

      Our vote goes to the traditional and natural wooden spatula. Using wooden spatulas for cooking has been an age-old practice and for various factors, the wooden ones, in particular, are preferred over other materials by many. 

      On another note, experts do believe that wooden spatulas are the best healthy alternatives when compared to plastic and other types of spatulas. As a matter of fact, it is agreed upon that using neem wood spatula is a really good choice and is considered as the best wooden spatula for cooking, material-wise.

      For, neem has health benefits and when used such spatula for cooking food, it will lead to healthy living. Not only that, it will retain the authentic flavor of a dish, making it tastier and healthier. 

      In conclusion, we hope this article influences you to ditch plastic spatulas and buy wooden spatulas instead. As a health-focused cookware brand, we are constantly promoting the idea of making kitchens healthy by using natural cookware.

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