Cast Iron Cookware: Why It is The Best Cookware for Health?

Cast iron
utensils are coming back in trend now - thanks to consistent awareness created by various entities. Most importantly, people have realised that health is indeed wealth in this current, fast-paced living.

Also, everyone understands that traditional utensils are far better and healthier than the or non stick ones which are mostly plastic or toxin coated. 

Cast iron cookware is the best and only alternative to non-stick products that are not only harmful for us but also the environment.

cast iron cookware benefits are amazing and once you understand the core logic behind its usage, you will surely feel like ditching the non-stick cookware forever.

So let’s move on to discuss
what is cast iron and how cast iron cookware can improve your health.

What is Cast Iron?

To put it in simple terms, cast iron is a blend of alloys - comprising of iron, carbon, silicon, manganese and a little bit of sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities. As a matter of fact, the carbon content in cast iron is more - approximately between 2 and 4% - compared to other elements. 

Coming to
cast iron properties; its melting point is said to be relatively low, has exceptional fluidity and it is resistant to wear-tear and deformation.

Owing to this,
cast iron is majorly used in various industries in regards to automotive, machinery, factory equipment, agriculture, military and many other fields which require solid material or components. 

Had enough of technical stuff? Let’s shift the focus on
cast iron cookware now… 

Cast Iron Cookware for Better Health

Have you been considering including
cast iron utensils in your kitchen for long? Heard from your relative how a cast iron kadai can do wonders on traditional cuisines?

If yes, then of course you should go ahead and try any
cast iron cookware to experience the positive difference. 

We understand that non stick cookware is quite convenient to use and very affordable. But only a few know the health hazards these non-stick products carry.

cast iron cookware is health-focused as well as enhances the quality of the food prepared in them. So how is non-stick cookware harmful to our health, one may wonder.

For starters, more than 90% of non-stick products consist of a type of toxic chemical called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Do you find it like a tongue-twister? How about ‘Teflon’? Does the word ring a bell?

Everyone is familiar with Teflon cookware, and sadly, people all over blindly use them without knowing its negative impact. 

Here are 3 reasons why non stick utensils are bad for you:

1. The man-made chemical, Teflon, turns extra dangerous when overheated. So much that it will release toxic fumes which shockingly are invisible and odourless. That also means, the fumes can harm your pets too. When heated excessively, it takes less than 3 mins for this kind of cookware to leach out chemicals in the food. 

2. It has been proven that Teflon coated cooking wares are indeed villains and make our food unhealthy. Doctors and nutrition experts around the world agree to this. Surprisingly, they have coined a separate illness for this called Teflon flu; following symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, muscle ache and headaches, to name a few.

3. The longer you use non-stick cookware the worse it gets - cancer, birth issues, low sperm count, behavioural issues and more. Imagine your non-stick pan is a silent killer!

    Considering all these, don’t you think that
    cast iron cookware will be a better choice! Having said that; by using cast iron utensils you tend to get into a healthy cooking ritual. 

    All About Cast Iron Cookware Benefits

    Since cast iron cookware is made of natural materials, they are completely safe for cooking food and good for you and your family’s health. When food is prepared in a cast iron cooking ware, on heating, it releases a small amount of iron content in the dish.

    Iron is quite essential for one’s health, in terms of body’s growth and development. It will also be beneficial in balancing the body’s hemoglobin level and to those who are anemic or have iron deficiency. 

    Not only this,
    cast iron utensils build your immunity, improve blood and help your body to stay active. In this fast-life and junk-addicted era, one is likely to give much thought to their health, nutrition in-take and overall well being. With cast iron cookware you can thus boost your health in a natural manner, no matter what kind of food you prepare in it. 

    Using cast iron cooking wares have been a common practice from times immemorial. People in earlier times were well-aware about cast iron benefits and therefore, they had nutritious food and were healthier and fitter than the new generation.

    Another interesting thing about
    cast iron cookware is that it will enhance the flavour of the food cooked in it. Besides enriching food with iron content, cast iron cookware will make the food relatively tastier than the dish prepared in non-stick or steel cookware.

    For instance, cooking traditional cuisines in
    cast iron kadai will taste better, by achieving a nice, rustic flavour. Similarly, a cast iron tawa will give you crispier dosas, giving them that perfect crunchy texture. Now you know how your granny used to cook up yummy delicacies!

    The bottomline is that your cookware is as important as the ingredients used to prepare food. And, it is one of the major factors that contributes towards having a good body, health and mind.

    If you are quite particular about you and your family’s health and wellbeing, it is advisable to replace your non-stick cookware with natural cookware, specifically iron or cast iron. 

    For the benefits of iron cookware, wait for our next article. Until then, do check out the beautiful, wide range of cast iron cookware only on The Indus Valley. Whether it is a cast iron pan or super smooth cast iron grill pan; by visiting the website, your search for the best cast iron cookware in India will surely end.

    Last but not the least benefit of
    cast iron kitchenware is that it is highly durable - which means, you can completely rely on it for lifetime as well as hand it down to the next generation.
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