How to Fry Eggs Perfectly in Cast Iron Pan?

It’s time for you to break up with your non-stick cookware and welcome the long lost forgotten, traditional cast iron cookware! But cooking in a cast-iron skillet is daunting and confusing.

So worry not as we give you four crucial tips for successfully cooking eggs to ensure the eggs slide right out to your plate with no bumps once done!

How to fry eggs in cast iron without sticking?/

Step 1:

Just two ingredients - fresh eggs and a well-seasoned cast iron skillet or frying pan - are all that you need to fry the perfect eggs. Without the other, you'll end up with an eggy mess that sticks to your cast iron pan.

The Indus Valley has premium grade and pre-seasoned cast iron skillets to take care of your concerns. Cast iron cookware that has already been seasoned serves as a non-stick naturally.

Step 2:

Gently preheat the cast iron fry pan with oil. This is your “May God save the egg-mess” step. Keep in mind that cast iron pans need some time to warm up. However,

DO NOT use high heat to process quickly for the cast iron pan. Set the skillet's burner to medium.

Step 3:

Put the oil, and then give it a few minutes. Make sure to use just the right amount of oil in the pan. Even butter, coconut, and peppermint oil can be used. Avoid using oils like virgin olive oil because they can't withstand the high heat.

Step 4:

Put the eggs and lower the flame gradually. Consider the fact that cast iron pans hold its heat. So the next time you add eggs, remember to reduce the heat.

The oil and pan would have received enough heat from the preheating procedure to last and keep it warm for extra few minutes as needed to cook the eggs.

Where To Find The Best Cast Iron Cookware For Frying Eggs?

Before you buy cast iron cookware, ensure that it is well seasoned. All the cast iron cookware at The Indus Valley comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. Even Though it is pre-seasoned, you need to season it after a while to maintain the natural non-stick surface.

If you are re-seasoning the cast iron pan, then make sure to apply a layer of cooking oil (any edible oil) on the entire cookware - top and bottom.

Be patient. It may require several tries to cook in cast iron utensils. But once you get hooked into it, you will be a professional in cooking Sunny Side Up in a cast iron skillet! 

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