Does Cooking with Cast Iron Help Anemia?

Cast Iron Cookware Improves Iron Deficiency!

As you all know, there are several causes of anemia. But the most common one is due to iron deficiency.

Before jumping to how cast iron helps anemic people, let’s see how iron is important to your body.

1. Iron is the most essential nutrient for all cells in the body.

2. It’s an important component of hemoglobin which is a substance in Red Blood Cells (RBC).
3. This carries oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout your body.

    The conclusion is lesser the iron, the lesser the hemoglobin which eventually leads to less oxygen-carrying RBCs.

    Now that you have understood the significance of iron to your body, let’s see how to maintain a healthy iron intake.

    Normally, what do you do when you get to know that you are anemic?

    In addition to taking medicines prescribed by the doctor, you will research a lot about food that has more iron content.

    Eventually, you start to include them in your diet. The most common things which have iron are spinach, broccoli, nuts, lentils, and other greens. 

    Of course, there are people who love having spinach smoothie, but let’s be very practical about it. There needs to be a solution that is healthy but not very difficult.

    Here comes cast iron cookware!

    It’s not always the ingredients like fruits or vegetables. Sometimes, the products you use to cook matters the most.

    Cooking in cast iron cookware helps in increasing your iron intake to a significant level. This has been proved scientifically too. Research shows that there is an increase in the iron content of food cooked in cast iron compared to food cooked in a regular pan.

    This is also considered to be the easiest way to increase your iron intake. Particularly food that involves slow cooking generally releases a lot of iron into your food.

    So, instead of piling up your plate full of spinach and broccoli, you can just have your favorite meal cooked in a cast iron pan. Way better, right?

    cast iron

    Things to remember while cooking in a cast iron cookware!

    1. When you cook food that involves acids like tomato, vinegar, or lemon, transfer it immediately to a vessel after cooking. This prevents that metallic taste that comes along when left in the same pan for so long.

    2. Never forget to season it before cooking and after cleaning as well. This way it stays good for a longer time.

    3. Clean it immediately after cooking. Never leave it in the sink filled with water for so long. This prevents rusting.

      Click here to know more about cleaning and maintaining cast iron cookware.

      Now that you know the secret to treat iron deficiency, do you own a cast iron cookware? 

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