How To Clean Cast Iron Cookware?

Have you bought a new cast iron cookware knowing its health benefits?

If yes, then you did a great job!

Now, have you ever experienced a situation where instead of cooking some tasty food, you ended up burning your pan or Kadai?

If you did, then don’t worry. You are not the only one.

This blog is going to help you with the basic steps on cleaning your cast iron cookware and seasoning it.

General Tips on Cleaning your Cast iron Cookware:

Once you have cooked everything with your cast iron cookware, clean it immediately. Do not leave it in the sink for so long. This prevents rusting of iron.

1. Use warm water and a mild sponge to clean the pan.

2. A dish-washing liquid is sufficient to wash off the food remains.

3. Once it is clean, dry the cookware completely.

    Seasoning in 5 minutes:

    1. Apply some vegetable oil to the pan and place it on the stove for 5 minutes under medium flame.

    2. After 5 minutes, switch off the gas and let it cool down completely

    3. Now, wipe away the excess oil if any and store it in a dry place.

    That’s it. Now, Let’s see how to clean when the pan/Kadai is burnt!

    Deep Cleaning Process:

    1. Pour some cold water on your vessel and use a mild sponge to rub the stains on it.

    2. Use a dish-washing liquid rather than your regular soap to create some lather and rub again. By this time, your vessel should be clean to some extent.

    3. If you still see some remains, then use some rock salt as a scrubber and then wash it off.

    You should have a clean pan now.

    After cleaning your cast iron cookware, do the above-mentioned seasoning process.

    Doing this gives the pan a better life and makes it non-sticky.

    So, when you use your cast iron product in the future, season it before cooking and you will be surprised by the results. Use the product regularly. Because, the more its usage, the better the product.

    Buy your Cast Iron Kadai from The Indus Valley because their products are seasoned with oil. Thus they are ready to use which reduces our effort and making it easy for us. Also, they have a wide variety of specifications at a reasonable price which is obviously a win-win situation.

    Now, you don’t have to worry about Teflon coated non-stick pans because you have natural cast iron cookware and you know how to master it.

    Do you follow any other steps to clean your cast iron cookware? Comment below. Also if you have any other queries related to cleaning and seasoning do leave us a message.

    Happy cooking!

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