How to season cast iron tawa - A complete Guide


Cast iron tawa
is the best option to get restaurant-like dosas. Agreed that, non stick tawa is commonly used in most of the houses today.

But, if you are craving that perfectly textured, crisp and tasty dosa, just the way your grandmother made, then traditional cookware will do the trick.

Cast Iron Tawa

Cast iron tawa
is made of natural material (a blend of alloys including iron and carbon among others) and has been in vogue for a long time. However, non stick dosa tawa took over the reigns in recent years owing to convenience and easy maintenance.

Cast iron tawa understandably has a few downsides. But when it comes to quality food and health, one cannot compromise but choose only the best choice.

cast iron dosa tawa comes with multiple benefits, which in fact overweighs the negative side. In this article, you will find out how to make the best use of cast iron tawa.

We will share with you a few, easy tips on
how to season cast iron tawa and maintain its quality for lifetime. 

How To Season New Dosa Tawa?

If you know how to clean and use cast iron tawa first time, then that’s great! You won’t have any problem in kickstarting your dosa-making journey.

However, only few are aware as to
how to use iron tawa or how to season cast iron tawa. And this article will be very helpful for them to achieve satisfying results without any fuss. 

So let’s get started on how to season new dosa tawa. Here are the steps:

1. Rinse your new dosa tawa completely using mild dishwashing liquid, scrubber and water.

2. After cleaning, wipe the tawa using a soft cloth. Once it is dry, apply oil and leave it for six hours.

3. Next, heat the cast iron tawa over a medium flame for 5 minutes. Once done, switch off the flame and let the tawa cool down completely.

4. Once cooled, use a soft cloth to wipe away excess oil and store the cast iron tawa in a dry place.

5. Repeat the process for 3-4 times before starting to cook, to get the desired result. 

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      More tips on how to season cast iron tawa

      1. Alternatively, during the first seasoning process, you can use rice starch water (or its cooked water) for cleaning.

      2. For this, the cast iron tawa must be soaked in the starch water for a couple of days. Wash it thoroughly and then repeat the above given seasoning steps. 

      3. Before the first use, heat the cast iron tawa on a medium flame. Pour a few drops of oil on the dosa tawa.

      4. Use half-cut onion to spread the oil on the entire cooking surface of the tawa. Keep spreading the onion a couple of times, until the onion turns golden brown.

      5. Then with a tissue or paper cloth wipe the excess oil from the dosa tawa

      6. There is no need to worry if the initial dosas don't come out well. It is normal. The cast iron tawa will work well after a few attempts. 

      7. Remember that on continuous usage, the cast iron tawa will achieve a non-sticky finish and your dosa will turn out with good texture along with enhanced taste.

      8. The seasoning steps are required only for a new cast iron dosa tawa or when a tawa is not used for a long period and requires reseasoning.


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