How To Use Cast Iron Cookware For The First Time?

If you have recently purchased a cast iron pan or are planning to buy one shortly then this a MUST READ GUIDE for you. Some people feel maintaining a cast iron cookware is very difficult. For some, it is an easy job to do.

This guide is to help people on what to do next with the new cast iron pan.

Cast Iron Pan will do wonders with proper care and maintenance. It can even survive for many decades with proper ‘seasoning’. For first time users who have no idea about what is seasoning, It is nothing but proper care for the pan at regular intervals.

Regular seasoning will help the pan to protect from getting rust and give the ability to last for generations. It will also naturally create a smooth layer over the pan as modern Teflon coated non-stick pans.

Don’t get intimidated if you are a first time user.

This guide will help on how to use or care the cast iron pan for first time users.




Cast Iron Cookware Set
Cast Iron Cookware Set

Maintaining pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware for the first time

Once your cast iron pan is delivered, you need to check whether seasoning is already done or not. If you bought cast iron pan from The Indus Valley then worry not. It comes with pre-seasoning, whereas in most other cases it is not pre-seasoned.

So your first priority is to check if the pan is pre-seasoned or not. In case if you received an unseasoned pan you need to follow the below steps.

1. Just wash the pan with hot water. It is recommended not to use soap or dish wash liquid for cleaning as the pan is already pre-seasoned.

2. After washing, dry the pan with a dry soft cloth and apply a coating on the pan with cooking oil.

3. You may have to do it a few times before start cooking in it as it will remove all the residue on the pan.

Follow the above quick steps for a new pre-seasoned cast iron pan.

Seasoning and Preparing of Unseasoned pan for the first time

If you ever got to buy an unseasoned cast iron pan you need to follow the below steps for seasoning.

1. First, clean the pan using mild dish-washing liquid and water.

2. After cleaning, wipe it off using a soft dry cloth or paper towel to dry the pan.

3. Apply any cooking oil of your choice all over the pan using soft cloth including outside, inside, sides and handle. Leave it for 6-8 hours.

4. Heat the pan under medium flame for 5 mins.

5. Let the pan cool down completely.

6. Again apply a coating with cooking oil all over the pan using soft dry cloth or paper towel and store it in a dry place.

7. Repeat the process for 3-4 times before you start cooking in it.

When it comes to cooking in a cast iron pan, start with heating the pan first before you use it.

While you start preparing other things for cooking in the meantime heat the pan in low or medium flame.

When you start to cook, the pan would have heated well. It’s an important step in cooking in cast iron because when you cook in a well-heated cast iron pan the food won’t stick.

If you cook when the pan is not heated well the food will stick to the pan.   Now you need to wash your pan after cooking in it. Avoid washing with cold water when the pan is hot.

You can wash your pan in hot or lukewarm water or else wash the pan with cold water when the pan has completely cooled down. Remove the food by washing in the water.

Then dry the pan with a paper towel or dry soft cloth. Apply cooking oil over it. Stack up in the cupboard.

Caring and maintaining a cast iron cookware is super easy if you follow all the steps above.

Cast Iron Cookware is a best friend to many serious cooks because of the benefits it gives them. It can be even passed down to generations. This is the COOKWARE FOR LIFE.

Happy Cooking!!
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