Things to Consider Before You Buy Cast Iron Cookware

When buying a new cast iron cookware the following questions may pop up in your mind. how to buy them? What are all the things you need to check? What is your cooking requirement? Or cookware requirements?

Once you found the answers to the above questions you will be able to know how to buy cast iron cookware.

In this guide, we explain some of the tips you need to follow when buying cast iron cookware. so much stuff to cookout and we don’t even know how to buy a cast iron cookware. In this guide you will get to know how to buy the right kind of cast-iron cookware and how you need to find it.

We are going to talk about buying a cast iron pan whether you are a first time user or you have been using it already. Everybody needs a tip on it sometimes. So, we are going to go through what we think is the best number one thing for buying cast iron cookware in India.

Thinks to Know Before Buying Cast Iron Cookware

Cheap cast iron pan will not heat evenly, it will sometimes even crack. You may be thinking about where to buy cast iron cookware in India. A lot of companies sell cast iron cookware online in India and in-stores as well.

If you are buying it in stores or online you make sure there are no cracks, no blemishes present in the pan. And also check the thickness of the pan. You need to check whether it has been pre-seasoned or not. Also, make sure the handle of the pan is attached properly without any cracks. You need to make sure the bottom surface of the pan is even and sits properly without any wobbling.

If you’re thinking of getting one, or have one and want to know how to take care of it, check out our complete guide on cast iron vessels.

Your kitchen is incomplete without these cookware. Cast iron Kadai, cast iron Tawa and cast iron skillet in India make most of the Indian households. Without a doubt, it is most needed cast iron cookware set to our daily cooking job.

7 Reasons to Buy Cast Iron Cookware

1. They tend to heat more slowly, but they cook much more evenly than other pans available out there.

2. Unlike non-stick pans which are coated with chemicals like Teflon, cast iron pans are natural and considered good for health as their iron content is added to the food cooked in them.

3. Their naturally developed non-stick surface known as ‘seasoning’ is great for basically every type of cooking.

4. It will cook anything you throw inside it. Multi-purpose cookware can be used for any type of cooking.

5. Cast iron cookware is durable. Other non-stick pans degrade over time, and toxic coatings are applied on non-stick pans.

But cast iron pans can withstand even harsh handling.

6. It is cheap. A well-seasoned cast-iron pan can easily match expensive luxury cookware.

7. It lasts forever. Unlike Teflon coated non-stick pans it lasts forever if maintained properly.


If you don’t want to season your own pan, The Indus Valley makes pre-seasoned frying pans. Use it without any hassles from day one. It is one of the best places to buy cast iron cookware in India. Buy it once and cook forever!



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