Maakal Kal Dosa Tawa A South Indian Traditions

Did you know the word Kal Dosa comes from Dosa made from Maa kal dosa Tawa?

Kal dosa, a type of Dosa made on the Stone(Kal) Tawa is a south Indian delicacy. As the legend goes, this Kal Dosa was made from Maakal Dosa Tawa and hence got the name as Kal Dosa.

Every Tawa is handcrafted by our artisans from Tamilnadu. They are hand-chiselled from a single block of naturally occurring stone (referred as Soapstone), which are non-toxic in Nature.


This material of stone is completely food safe and can be used for preparing Dosa, Chapathi, Paratha and can also be used as a frying pan for vegetables.


Why to use Maakal Stone Dosa Tawa?

Dosa’s made from Maakal Tawa will be very soft and spongy. This is because of the Nature of the stone to provide uniform heating across the pan. It also improves the taste of Dosa compared to other cooking Pans.


1. These tawa’s last for a lifetime. Literally!!! People pass on Kal chatti products over generations and can even last for more than 80 years

2. Remains hot for long time: Tawa retains heat for a very long time. Last few Dosa’s can be made even after switching off the stove

3. Even heating: With uniform heating across the pan, Dosa’s made will be extremely soft and spongy.

    Can I keep my Tawa directly on Stove?

    No. Soapstone Dosa Tawa needs to be cured before first use. Usage of Tawa without curing, may lead to cracking of the stone during use. Tawa needs to become completely black in colour before use.

    For detailed step by step instructions, refer the image below:

    How to use my Tawa? Any precautions needed?

    1. Tawa can be used on the Gas stove upon proper curing.

    2. Extreme temperature changes are not suitable: Start from low flame on the gas, letting them slowly heat up until they are hot. Also allow the Tawa to adjust to room temperature before washing or storing them, and never place a hot Tawa on a cold surface such as granite or tile.

    3. Tawa retains heat for a very long period of time, so be cautious while touching a stone tawa.

      How to clean my Kal dosa Tawa? Any special care needed?

      1. For cleaning, avoid using the dishwasher, hand washing is recommended. After each use, fill with warm, soapy water, allowing to soak briefly if heavily soiled, then scrubbing lightly with a sponge or soft cloth. It is a good idea to reapply some oil before storing the pot.

      2. Do not use metal or abrasive pads as they may scratch the surface and avoid strongly scented soaps which can flavor the pot. Use wooden utensils with the pieces as metal utensils can scratch and damage the inside.
        Experience tasty Dosa’s and impress your guests with Dosa’s from Maakal Tawa.

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